Flight attendant rants about plane crash

A flight attendant was "subdued" by passengers after she "started ranting about a possible crash" over the cabin PA system, writes Andrew Stern. Thereafter, drinks were free.


  1. Over the PA ? Too bad. A little explanation, with arms choreography would have gone full circle.

    1.  According to people spoken to by the media it was clear she was messed up in some way and possibly thought she was on the intercom with just the pilot.  The sad thing really is the flight crew just tried to talk her down, and this went on for a while before people decided something needed to be done.
      It is sort of scary that she was behaving in an erratic way, and only when it went to the REALLY bad place did people feel they should do something.  Remember these flight attendants have the power to get you banned from flying forever, they are afterall our front line defenders in the air.
      This is a clear point in remembering that the people “in charge” of our safety are merely mortal, and do not have super powers just because some law would like them to.

      1. We do not at all have the power to get you banned from flying forever, that’s just silly.

        However, if you do something really stupid, like attacking a flight attendant, then you’re almost guaranteed to be put on the no fly list, and blacklisted with most airlines. Along with your very expensive and possibly life-altering assault charge, usually felony assault – but that’s hardly the flight attendant banning you.

        1. No but you do have the power to make peoples lives a living hell when your having a bad day…

          Like the man who had the nerve to ask for OJ and got a Federal Investigation for having bothered the flight crew.

          And don’t dare not do exactly what they want and look at a book on planes, because you’ll be called in as a terrorist.

          And don’t dress in “Islamic clothes” because people will be uncomfortable and have you escorted off the plane.

          And while there are good airline stewardesses there are also those who feel if they have the power they should use the power to get their way.

          1. Wow, American Flight attendants are a twitchy lot. I personally wouldn’t bother you(and can’t say I’ve worked with anyone who would) unless you were either harassing other passengers, ignoring lawful instructions(which is, in fact, against the law, I HAVE to do something about it, or risk dismissal), or they’re doing something that I judge to be endangering themselves, the passengers/crew, or the flight.

            For example, if you’ve panicked mid-flight for some reason, ran up, and started tugging on the door-handle, I know that you’d have to be the incredible hulk to get that fucker open. But I still have to DO something about it, because you’re endangering yourself by attempting to open the door – Officially, because you’re interfering with safety equipment, but realistically because if another passenger sees you, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they and a handful of their fellow passengers kicked the shit out of you, and I’d rather deal with one panicked passenger than a brawl – You don’t want to get in a brawl on a plane, it’s like a meat grinder.

            Interestingly, Flight Attendants in Australia have to get specialized security licenses and training, to deal with these sorts of situations on the plane, and will only take it higher if there is dire need. The licenses are required by law, if you want to work in the cabin. I have  noted no such requirement for US flight attendants, which is one possible explanation for why they have a much greater tenancy to call the bacon on someone.

          2. Wow, American Flight attendants are a twitchy lot.

            This is the subject of many well-known comedy routines.

  2. One of the last times I flew was a Wednesday morning flight to Florida I made three years ago. The plane was barely a quarter full and during the routine safety procedures explanation the flight attendants made jokes about how no one really paid attention to the procedures. And they said it wouldn’t matter because if there really were an emergency we’d all be too busy hugging the person next to us and screaming to worry about putting on the oxygen masks.

    Honestly it was one of the most enjoyable flights I’ve ever had. This flight attendant was clearly just losing her mind, but in that earlier case I appreciated the flight attendants being willing to say what most of us were probably already thinking. It reminded me of Eddie Izzard’s suggestion that flight attendants should get people to pay attention to the safety instructions by starting with “I’ve got a bad feeling about this flight…”

  3. The poor woman was off her medication.  It’s painful to watch the media have so much fun at the expense of a person suffering from a very real disorder.
    Obese are considered handicapped and get special parking while the mentally ill are treated like it is their fault.

  4. It is reported that the flight attended said she has Bipolar Disorder.  As off-putting as this incident was for the passengers, I am confident in saying it was much scarier for her than any observer.  To her, this was completely real.  She had a psychotic break and really believed she was in mortal danger.  Most people in the world are lucky enough to have no idea what a psychotic break feels like.  If they did, they would feel nothing but empathy for this woman.  I just hope she is given the space and privacy she needs to get stable again.

    1.  I am sorry to hear that this was the result of mental illness.  The media likes to just cover the “important” part that people were uncomfortable and did something… and skip over the sad state of mental health care in the country.

      While it was bad for the passengers, and apparently much worse for her there is one good thing to come out of this.  It happened before they were in the air.  Had this happened while they were in the air, I think it would have had a much sadder ending all around.

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