Canada's ridiculous university copyright deal poised to become law

Michael Geist points us to "A critique of how the collecting agency behind the 'bone stupid' copyright deals signed by U of Toronto and Western U is poised to have its wishes ensconced in Canada's soon-expected Copyright Modernization Act, Bill C-11, with provisions that 'override the copyrights of others, monopolize markets and collect a de facto 'Education Tax' [that] is inefficient, immoral, and likely unconstitutional.'"


  1. Thanks for publicizing this. Looks like you’re quoting my summary of Katz’s analysis (though Geist may well have alerted you to the same item), but the main point is you’re helping spread Katz’s important criticism about this super-shady provision in the expected bill.

    What’s vexing is that this provision appears already to have slipped under the radar of the clause-by-clause review of the bill now in progress. Wonder if it might take a court case test of the new law to find out whether this provision legally holds up or not.

  2. Pretty soon Canada is going to be a real life version of Aerosmith’s arcade game, Revolution X, complete with gestapo-like stormtroopers running around, stomping on your personal cd collection and Steven Tyler yelling, “Music is the weapon!”.

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