Dan Frommer offers an infographic illustrating how infographics are ruining the World Wide Web. [SplatF via @GlennF] Previously: Computer-generated PR spam for infographic


  1. That neon blue comic sans is giving me flashbacks to many, many “fw: fw: fw: fw: fw: re:” emails from my aunt who refuses to doublecheck stuff on Snopes before sending it to her entire address book.

      1.  Thanks for that link, Just_Ok.  My favorite part was from the guy’s profile, which states:  ”
        I am an American who likes good food, good family and the American way. I look to preserve both. Join me.”

        Both. Of these three things.

      2. Wow.  He really drives home the point that he has discovered this and found out that, over and over.  It’s a shame he didn’t leave any room to list sources for all this truth.

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