Moebius documentary

Here's a one-hour BBC documentary on Moebius, the French comics artist whose passing we lamented this weekend. The doc, "Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures," includes interviews with Stan Lee and Jodorowsky.

Moebius – a life in pictures


  1. When I was 15 and such, Moebius had me thinking he was God half the time and then the other half I found myself distractedly swatting question marks that were swarming around my brain housing group.  Once I found that my brother was secretly dosing me with LSD, I locked up my copies of Heavy Metal and wouldn’t let him near them.  I mean, right?  What an asshole. Once that was resolved, Moebius still had the same effect on me.

  2. Moebius’ ability to create texture and surface with tiny variations  in the quality of line is incredibly inspiring.  I don’t think there’s likely to be another draftsman like him.

  3. I read Heavy Metal magazine in the late 1970s. Moebius’ monthly serial, The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius, which ran for quite a few issues was what I looked at immediately after giving the newsdealer my $1.50 (a lot for a magazine in the days when a gallon of gasoline went for as much as 75 cents!) . I agree with another commenter that not only his drawing style but his imagery were both mind-blowing and altering (the word “psychedelic” misses the mark).

    I also remember a strip of his depicting a loosely-organized Klan-like fraternity who hunted down and beat to death any immigrants from countries they didn’t like. As I recall, he drew this strip in response to an anti-immigrant law his native France’s government was either considering or had passed into law.

    Goodbye, Moebius.

    Perhaps I’ll smoke some Basorel in his honor.

  4. actually, this video is available in 3 segments on youtube….i posted them over the weekend on my face book account. Moebius really inspired me as a graphic artist….I read so muych of the work he did in Metal Hurlant when I was first learning French….I loved The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius…then I realized that the dialogue really wasn’t supposed to make any real linearly logical sense…and I loved it even more….

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