Pepys Road: online story about Londoners weathering the crash


4 Responses to “Pepys Road: online story about Londoners weathering the crash”

  1. Nick East says:

    Just got a little freaked out by that sign. I used to live on Pepys Road, in SW20. Obviously it’s a fictional postcode, but a little too close to (my former) home

  2. TimRowledge says:

    This was the book at bedtime on the BBC radio iPlayer last week; if you hurry you should still be able to hear the monday episode before it goes away.

  3. aidan earl says:

    :I There’s also a Pepys Road in New Cross, SE4 I believe. 

  4. lexasaurus says:

    It’s a great title.  Samuel Pepys’s diary is one of the most humanizing accounts of life in London during the Plague and the Great Fire.

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