What's Opera, Doc? the mashup

djBC, the archduke of mashup, has created a video to accompany his 2005 "wemix" of the classic Chuck Jones 1957 Bugs Bunny cartoon "What's Opera, Doc?"

Whats Opera, Doc? (dj BC Wemix) (Thanks, djBC!)


  1.   That added nothing to the classic Chuck Jones 1957 Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?”

    Nothing at all!

    Except perhaps to dilute it ….


        1. for the most part I can’t stand the damned things… but DJ Lobsterdust does some great stuff.

          My favorites being the Pixies/Pussycat Dolls “Pussycats Gone To Heaven” and the BeeGees/Nelly “Stayin Hot”…. and i must admit to a weak spot for the Cali Swag District/Led Zeppelin/Katy Perry “whole lotta extra dougie”

  2. Internet is full of Grumpy Gusses today… I really like the original cartoon, but there’s room in the world for multiple interpretations.

    And If all Mashups suck, I’m guessing you’re not a fan of the Hippity-Hop the kids are into with all the different noises?

  3. i adore mashups, worship this cartoon, and sadly i must agree — this did nothing for me. but i respect his love for the original cartoon that made him want to do this in the first place.

    EDIT: also, i’ll submit that the Grey Album is a mashup, and that certainly does NOT suck.

    1. I’m not opposed to mashups if the end result is worth the effort.  Sometimes, as in the case of Beatallica, you end up with something both hugely entertaining and oddly thought-provoking and insightful about the source material (“Sandman” occurs to me off the top of my head).  Sure, not really a “mashup” in the pure sense, but I am old and in the way and largely ill-informed.

      But this one didn’t do it for me.  Weird that the video took seven years after the music to cut together.

  4. you cant improve on perfection. So WHY FUCKING BOTHER

    On a less manic note I always wonder what the orchestra thought about recording the music for the original.

  5.  There are many mashups that I like.  Beatallica, mentioned by others here, is a great example.  There are many others.

    But in this particular case, I, too, must say that this particular mashup just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s a credit to the original that the best bits are the ones that are left intact.  Otherwise, all it is is a bit of repetitive editing, with a simple drum ‘n bass track added, often badly mixed (it’s too loud compared with the singing.)  There are even moments when the added audio doesn’t really synch up with the original music, which just creates an annoying clash.

    Take this mashup, for instance: Queen vs Genesis: We Will Rock You Mama  Now that’s an old mashup from the late 80’s that still sounds great today.

    1. Yup.  Much more interesting, much less irritating, and obviously took some thought and effort.  Would groove on again.

  6. The fucking gall to put your name on a title card shared by Michael Maltese and Maurice Noble!

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