DOJ asks Court to keep secret any partnership between Google and NSA, not that one exists, definitely not


24 Responses to “DOJ asks Court to keep secret any partnership between Google and NSA, not that one exists, definitely not”

  1. Mister44 says:

    Why is it I dislike google more and more every day?

    • IamInnocent says:

       You don’t know why and the DoJ want you to stay that ignorant: focusing out hate on that may pay better.

  2. Gary61 says:

    How can you be posting this??? It’s supposed to be Top Sekrit!

  3. samari711 says:

    Not to rain on the tin foil hat parade too much, but that’s the answer they’d give regardless of which company you ask about.  It is literally a non-answer because if you tell people everyone you’re not working with, who you’re working with becomes trivial to figure out.

  4. Funk Daddy says:

    Does Google monitor all NSA use of Google assets in order to maintain tha’ hole thing they got with claiming not to be evil?

    I’m taking the best approach to the neither confirm nor deny, I am presuming the worst.

  5. angusm says:

    No problem, this stuff is bound to leak out sooner or later. I’ll just search for information about it on Goo- … 


  6. Sparg says:

    The NSA isn’t supposed to monitor internal US traffic or traffic originating from within the US, but we’d always ask the GCHQ guys to check shit for us.  Always a way around the law.  Check out the UKUSA Agreement. ;)

  7. Assuming there must be some kind of agreement because the NSA isn’t denying it strikes me as the nerd equivalent of the NSA assuming you must have something to hide if you oppose heavy handed surveillance or TSA scanners or what have you.

  8. RedShirt77 says:

    Is there  something going on?  maybe?   Is it at all surprising that the NSA didn’t turn itself in at the request of an advocacy organization? Nope, not at all.  Is it news? Hmm…

  9. blissfulight says:

    But if the ‘enemy’ already knows, then who are we keeping it secret from?  

  10. kabster says:

    I’m gonna tell.

  11. wiredreader2010 says:

    Pretty sure they had to have some kind of NSA agreements when they launched their mapping satelite back in 2008. I have serious doubts that google knowingly gives any data to the nsa… I suspect they require a giant paper-trail for all govt taps.

  12. petsounds says:

    Yesterday it was revealed that DARPA director Regina Dugan is joining Google.  No, no good sir! Of course there’s no cozy relationship between national security agencies and Google!

  13. Thebes says:

    Does this mean DARPA’s 40-year-old project to install sensors into all US households is complete?

  14. lumpygravy2 says:

    Any one who believes that Google was started by two college kids, next door to the CIA and the NSA is just pulling the wool over their eyes.  

  15. ultimabuddy says:

    This trope is known as ‘Suspiciously Specific Denial’.

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