Doom-folk from Barn Owl's Jon Porras


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  1. Gordon Freeman finally gets his own theme tune!

    Aside:- is it just me or do the otherwise great team of BB’ers often miss video game references such as ‘Black Mesa’? The sheer volume of awesome they come up with perhaps leaves little time for games…

    • David Pescovitz says:

      I admit that I didn’t get that reference at all. Just looked it up. Thanks. And yeah, I honestly haven’t played video games since Pac-Man… but I was an absolute master at that. : )  Rob and Mark play a lot though! And Rob just IM’d me that he got the Black Mesa reference.

      • Pac-Man skills never go disrespected Dave! I love the overwhelming variety on BB but games (being my passion) are not heavily featured, then again I basically want my huge cherry-trifle cake and to have it fed to me – what can I say, we Welsh are demanding.

  2. I was so ready to see people who dress like things from Doom.

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