Resin octopus

Judy Fox's "Octopus" is an awfully lovely piece -- it's repped by LA's Ace Gallery.

Octopus, 2009 Sculpted in terra cotta, cast in poly resin and painted with casein paint


  1. It’s too peachy. Looks like a nightmarish penis. Regretsy has polluted my mind, yes, but really? Are any octopuses this color in real life? And why make it standing up? Menacing dong is all that registers, not cool cephalopod.

    1. If you think this one is sexually suggestive check out her “seven deadly sins” series.

    2. first i was all, “d’aww, lookit the grumpy disapproving octopus!”  :D

      and now i’m all, “cannot un-see the disapproving penis.”  :(

  2. Made an octopus-like thingy that looks like my arm and hand, below the elbow, in the depths of winter.
    Achievement unlocked.  Next?

    Seriously, it’s both disturbing while celebrating biology in a good way.

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