Rock family trees


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Wow, I recognized that “tree” and style right off, but the bands were not the same! I had one of these posters in my dorm room way back when, so I’m glad to read that I’m not losing my mind. 

  2. SumAnon says:

    ????????????  Talking Heads is American?  I thought David Bryne was from the UK???

  3. Love these things. I’ve tried to start a rule whereby all company org charts should be drawn like this. In fact, someone did make a font for you to use:
    (interestingly, they created it purely based on the family tree included in an album by The Cult, and didn’t realise there were many more trees.)
    My favourites are the 80′s Liverpool scene ones:
    Fantastic stuff.

  4. Bobo says:

    They don’t have the iconic hand-drawn style, but there’s a massive relational database of bands here:

  5. Lemoutan says:

    I’m really pleased to see this in the Ferro-Demme-SMS font.

  6. So all this time I when I thought I was listening to early Blondie I was just listening to Blondie #3?

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    Thanks for the hat tip!

    I saw it on which is a pretty wonderful site of artsy randomness that has been mentioned here previously. 

  8. Slight correction – not “more than 2000 trees.” It should be “more than 2000 bands in 140 trees” –

  9. waldowv says:

    Someone should totally make a series of a bajillion comics based on this and post it on boingboing.  Oh wait…

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