Wasteland sequel kickstarted


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  1. Raederle says:

    It’s already broken the funding goal ($900k, but really a million with Brian Fargo contributing $100k if necessary).  After 2 days, no less.

  2. troutfishinginamerica says:

    Aww yeah! Base goal already met = extra moneys for game world expansion. Go! Go! Go!
    Yeah, the whole “giving the fans what they want” thing – that NEVER works, huh?

  3. Tom Hiles says:

    Amazing. This is what the internet was meant to achieve.

  4. mccrum says:

    Well, if getting Fallout is the pain we all have to suffer before getting Wasteland 2, I can think of a lot worse ways this could have gone.

  5. arcfinn says:

      If 18k people can raise this much in a few days to create a game, anything is possible, the masses can direct contract their own entertainment. Talk about cutting out the middle man.

  6. Simon Coles says:

    *brain explodes like a blood sausage*
    loved this game so much.

  7. cfuse says:

    The interesting thing is not just that they’ve met their funding goals, but that they have also grabbed the true fans. There is some serious money being put on the table by individuals.

  8. gorfulator says:

    I had an Amiga 500 hundred in the late 80′s !!
    I waited for an Amiga version … never happened.. WAAA!

    I’m still a turn-base enthusiast!
    I hope it comes with a map/level editor!!  

    Hurry up and finish Fargo! I remember your pretty-boy face on the inside of Bard’s Tale….

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