Doogie Horner's flowchart: Work Habits of the Moon and Sun

Doogie Horner, author of Everything Explained Through Flowcharts designed a chart about the work habits of the moon and sun.

Here's another flow chart that Doogie created especially for Boing Boing.


  1. The trouble is this 1) turns a monthly cycle into a biweekly one and 2) doesn’t take into account cosmic timescales. Leave the moon alone for billions and billions of years, it stays exactly the same. Leave the sun alone for billions and billions of years, it explodes, taking out the moon and everything else in a massive proximity.

    1. (1) bothers me too.

      But don’t you think the moon’s disappearance due to an exploding sun constitutes a change in its essential moonliness?

    2.  Well, that COULD be understood as a cautionary tale against the dangers of burn-out syndrome…

  2. Splendiferous  non-rotating orb. 
    Ignominiously flaunting in shadows.
    Slothfully wallowed in crapulence. 
    Never shinning always reflecting.

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