Family Restaurant, film for kids with gay / lesbian parents

Boing Boing pal and periodic guestblogger Andrea James sends word of a cool and worthy project she's doing, and raising funds for via Kickstarter: "Family Restaurant," a film for children whose moms and/or dads are LGBT.

"There are very few family-friendly films where kids with gay or lesbian parents can enjoy a fun story that reflects their own lives," Andrea says, "I think it's going to be pretty cute and a teensy bit controversial. All art is political!"

From Andrea's project description:

"Family Restaurant" celebrates young children with gay or lesbian parents. It shows them a magical world filled with cute characters who reflect their family lives. Set in a family restaurant, it features talking ketchup and mustard bottles among the colorful residents of the diner. It has a mix of puppetry and actors, including a number of real children with gay or lesbian parents.

I serve on the Board of Directors of Outfest, a prominent LGBT film festival. Each year, Outfest has a family day for children to watch movies, but there are very few family-friendly films where these kids can enjoy a fun story that reflects their own lives. It's time to make something specifically for these wonderful children, with a story that's charming enough to appeal to all young people.

Pitch in or learn more here.


  1. Great idea, will support. This movie will I hope normalize the idea of Lesbian and Gay couples with children, and allow kids to see something similar to their home life portrayed in the media. 

  2. I love the idea of supporting this, especially since, depending on where it’s screened, it’s going to be more than “a teensy bit controversial”. After all I live in Tennessee, where legislators are pushing the infamous “don’t say gay” bill on schools. This bill would, among other things, prevent children of same-sex couples from talking about their parents in school.

    George Takei, bless his heart, has suggested that we instead “say Takei”. On the one hand I think it’s ridiculous we’d have to resort to such measures, but on the other I love the idea of a school library with a copy of Heather Has Two Takeis.

  3. What I don’t get is what is the money for?  I mean anyone with a camera and a computer already has everything they need to make a film like this.

    1. It’s for all that LUBE and PERVERSION! Nah, really, even with a homemade film, there’s probably costs related to producing news releases and those involved traveling to screenings and giving talks, crap like that.  

      From the project website: 

      “Due to the amazing response, we are looking past our bare minimum goal to a new fundraising goal of $10,000! If we make that, we will be able to film in a larger space and have even more LGBT families and their children in the film! We will also get a much better cinematographer than yours truly and have much better puppets and props. Please help us keep our momentum for this important and exciting project.”

      There you have it- renting a space with pro lighting, flying in gay and lesbian families, making puppets and hiring a cinematographer.  Surely then there’s editing and subtitling in various languages, a soundtrack and making the ketchups cuter with CGI.

  4. But but but… talking ketchups? I wonder if there’s anything in the Bible prohibiting loquacious condiments?

  5. Fun! What a great way to counter all the repugnican nonsense about children in gay/lesbian homes. It raises awareness, is funny, and has talking ketchups! 

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