POV ride-through: Model train replica of Disneyland's Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland


7 Responses to “POV ride-through: Model train replica of Disneyland's Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland”

  1. Michael Quick says:

    come on, Cory…tell me that this scene wouldn’t be improved with gas stations and billboards in every open space

  2. barnaby says:

    Sooo….I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now but haven’t. Could Cory or one of the mutant editors here explain to me your fascination with Disney World/Land/corporate franchise of w0rker exploitation and copyright law manipulation?

  3. Michael Quick says:

    as a fan of the disney parks and the cultural and technological innovation they represented, and a trenchant critic of the disney-driven flavor of IP maximalism, it’s quite possible to separate the two. 

    it’s rather like agreeing with the founding principles of a government while disagreeing with its current incarnation.

  4. niktemadur says:

    This was around the area of Bear Country, wasn’t it?  Also, I seem to be remembering a dentist’s office in front of the depot, one could hear the screams of some poor cowboy getting a molar pulled out.
    As a boy, I found this ride very quiet and very charming, not everyone wants or needs adrenaline all the time.

    As an example, in Tomorrowland I always preferred Journey To Innerspace and the People Mover than the vertigo-inducing rocket merry-go-round.

  5. daneyul says:

    I can’t believe how short the queue was to the Judge Judy ride there at the end.  I know where we would have run to next!

  6. RJ says:

    Very cool train set. The marmots prop is well done.
    It took my brain a second to reconcile “mine train” with “Disneyland.” I’m used to the mine train being the name of a relatively tame rollercoaster at Six Flags. I forgot that Disney did it first (and better).

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