Retro rocket ring

Noah Scalin sez, "Just look at this awesome steampunky rocket ring created by Herbert Hoover (not the former president) for his Ring-A-Day project. He also has a laser-cut miniature wooden version for sale on his Etsy page as well."

I'm partial to Hoover's espresso ring, too.

Ring-A-Day: Rocket Ring


  1. This has been up for several hours, and no one has pointed out that rockets aren’t steampunk, and that the correct steampunk mode of space travel involves  giant cannons?  Did everyone sleep in?

    1.  What?  Giant Cannons?  A dashed uncivilised way to travel.  If one must move about the planets, a gentleman always uses a proper Aether Flyer.

  2. I wondered when Herb – an artisan/artist/craftsman in the grand tradition, and all-around nice guy – was going to get some recognition. In hindsight, it’s clear that he should have played the ‘steampunk’ card sooner.

  3. It’s a beautiful ring, but really, are you trolling us? “Steampunky”? Why say that? Call it “atom-punk” if you really must, but there’s no need since it’s simply straight out of the (existing) 1960s. Really it could have been one of the logos for the 1964 World Fair.

  4. That rocket ring looks like a real sweater snagger. It also reminds me very much of a giant pipework play rocket at a park in Culver City, CA that my family used to visit when I was a kid. That thing was cool.

    Kudos to HH on the fun ring designs.

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