The triumphant return of Dr. Steve Brule

A new season of my favorite lifestyle improvement edu-tainment program, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, airs tonight at 1230am on Adult Swim.


    1. Will you be terribly disappointed if the show turns out to be just as stupid as the commercials?

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  2. Dammit! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before, want to watch it (previous season), but it is geo-locked. TunnelBear is unusually slow for me right now and nothing on BitTorrent. Wah.

      1. Nah, in Australia but I’ll give it another go on TunnelBear. Usually works well enough when I want to use BBC iPlayer. 


    Steve Brule lies unconscious in a gutter with whippit canisters surrounding his person.


  4. he does that character so well, i have a hard time making the two meet in my head as a single person.

  5. Wait, does Dr Steve Brule have his OWN show?  That’s amazing, I just thought it was a bit on Tim and Eric.

    Definitely one of my favourite parts of Time and Eric, but unsure how it would translate to anything longer than a minute or two.

    Doctors are the true kings of comedy; Leo Spaceman is still (by far) my favourite character on 30 Rock.

  6. Nice!  This really reminds me of some of Bill Murray’s characters from SNL and Caddyshack.  In a good way.

    Maybe they could do a movie together?

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