Google Wave users receive fail-tastic sunset notification

Google Wage. LOL.


  1. From what I hear of the salaries over there, I have to say I wouldn’t mind receiving a Google Wage myself.

  2. *sigh* I wish I wasn’t the only person who loved Google Wave  :( 

    Although I partially blame Google for letting the hype get out of hand and not sticking with it.  Oh well…it’s open sourced I guess…

    1.  It really was a better evolution of email. Wave was a great product, but I just think it was a bit ahead of its time. I also think that it would have helped if it was in a more stable state before they had allowed an open public beta. I also wonder if maybe they could have used a better name, or a fuller name, to better describe it and get users in the right mind-frame for it. Maybe, Wave Messenger or something.

      As you say, at least it’s open source, so something may get done with it a few years from now. I would really love to see it make a comeback in a few years. The capabilities for something like Wave on a smartphone is amazingly great and beats the crap out of the multiple clients that people are required to currently run.

  3. I was going to joke about this on Facebook, but there’s nothing funny about Google Wave. EXCEPT EVERYTHING.

  4. Ha, I got that email and didn’t notice it.  Google Docs is pretty much Google Wave anyway.

  5. Most of Waves best features have already been divided between Plus, Gmail and Docs. It was an experiment. No big deal.

  6. @forwardourmotto:disqus I LOVED Wave and used it to very successfully in collaboration with my software developer for a year long project we co-managed. As far as I can see, the features haven’t really been integrated elsewhere (not in a way that supports the kind of working process we’d developed) and I MISS IT. 
    Le sigh. 

    1. Same here. Used it quite successfully for a cross-continental writing/research team. At least until the thread got long enough that simply loading it took 3-4 minutes. Navigating to specific event markers? Forget it.

  7. Until I saw the subject line, I thought Larry Page had decided to launch some strange new companion to Google Wallet. It’s a whole toolchain in the making! Next, Google Jobs, with a Mechanical Turk variant.

    I liked Wave, but, even in Chrome, it was clunky as hell. However, the real-time collaboration features I liked have found their way into Google Docs, so, I’ll call it even.

  8. Un-Dumb Google Reader, please.  Trying to compete with Facebook will just subject you to the same doom…eventually, your people will leave.  I get that Zuckerberg saw people & said “forget customers, those are products!” but the thing is…people are free range.  They’ll get bored & leave.  Google should strive to avoid short term black holes…but instead, they are going for broke on Plus?  Ugh.

  9. I doubt there really would be wage issues at google, no idolising, but there tend to be stronger motives for such strategic decisions.
    My take is it was early and collaboration is in childhood. Still, if there are fellow wavers left – please post what other services allow cntextual communication.Walkaround seems a complicated solution, there is a beta of – a saas, that allows to export waves and then edit them, no need to run own server.

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