Gweek 044: Sarah Vowell interviewed about her book, Unfamiliar Fishes


In Gweek episode 044, I interviewed Sarah Vowell about her book Unfamiliar Fishes. It's a history of Hawaii between the time of the arrival of the first Christian missionaries and its annexation to the United States in the late 1890s.



    1. That’s news? She’s a random crush of *every* geeky guy. Also what isn’t exactly news is Unfamiliar Fishes — it’s been out for months. Not bad though, although not quite as good as Wordy Shipmates.

      1. Us random gay geeky guys have a crush on her, too! My partner and I listened to the Unfamiliar Fishes audiobook on our move from SF to Little Rock this past summer.

        I am still amazed she was the music critic for the Bay Guardian in SF for a short time.

  1. Good discussion. I saw Sarah speak in Pasadena during the release tour with Jesse Thorne and I still learned new things in this podcast.

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