Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

Link. (Red Scharlach Points At Interesting Things, via Andrea James)


  1. I predict that Holmes held up Moriarty’s body dressed as Holmes, tossed it off the roof, and Watson was so distraught that his brief glimpse at the body wasn’t enough to correct his misconception. Before he could look further, the body was whisked away.

    Oh, and otters are funny when they don’t bite your finger off.

    1. Close but not all the way.

      Series 2 finale spoilers of course:  The kids who were kidnapped earlier pointed out Holmes as their abductor, but we all know that wasn’t him. So that means a double. Holmes went to his coroner friend and found the body of  (probably a John Doe, Moriarty didn’t leave any ends open) and used it as the body to fake his death. You will notice at the scene (of which Holmes chose that hospital) there was a truck with an open bed with a bunch of soft landing material. He demanded Watson stay put so his view was obstructed.  Holmes jumped off himself, landed in the truck (which pulled away when Watson ran over) and the body double was found dead.

      1. SPOILERS Also, Watson fell over a cyclist, who may have drugged him with the Baskerville drug SPOILERS

        1. I had forgotten about that. Although knocking him down causing disorientation would be plenty for the cyclist to do, no need for any drugs.

  2. Anyone else think that Benedict Cumberbatch is an awesome name? I’m happier knowing someone in this world goes by that. Not to mention, I’m loving the new Holmes series.

  3. Thomcats (cats who look like Thom Yorke) is kind of the granddaddy of this kind of thing. Also, possibly the greatest fansite on the internet.

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