Review: Lightly Salted Peanuts, by Delta Airlines

I enjoyed my lightly peanutted salt.


  1. I’m curious to see if I could spot the peanuts at all in their regular packet of salted peanuts.

  2. I’ve had them before and that powder isn’t all salt. Its some sort of peanut dust. Either some sort of cornstarch or the peanuts get a good rubbing in the package. They aren’t that salty. On the other hand they are a nightmare to anyone with a peanut allergy since people around them eating them can’t help but get peanuty dust everywhere.

  3. Wait…You got peanuts?!  All I get on my air carrier is the used gum stuck to the armrest.

  4. Two peanuts were walking through the park. And one was assaulted. It happened so many times, that they took all the assaulted ones and stuck them in a bag and gave them to Rob, at which point the joke wasn’t even grammatical.

  5. That’s actually more dangerous than half the stuff the TSA won’t let you take on a plane.

  6. It’s for rehydration in the dry cabin air. Eat the peanuts, drink some orange juice and some water.

  7. Refreshing beverages can be purchased from your flight attendants for the low price of 6$. If you happen to not carry US currency at this time we will provide complementary stationary for a farewell letter. Postage not included.

  8. Well, you also might like Turkish Airlines’ approach: They hand out small bags of hazelnuts (unsalted). Small print on the bag reads: Caution, may contain traces of nuts.

  9. Hah, I rode Delta the other day from Miami – Atlanta – Cincinnati and I thought about documenting the nuts like Rob did here.

    A whopping 0.4 ounces.

  10. Soon, those airlines which provide snacks will provide an unidentifiable combination of pork, beef, cheese, mayonaise, mixed nuts, gluten supplements, and potassium salts. For a fee one may buy cut-rate fugu.

    1. > an unidentifiable combination of pork, beef, cheese, mayonnaise, mixed nuts, gluten supplements, and potassium salts

      That sounds better than what they usually serve.

      1. It depends what you can eat, doesn’t it? I haven’t flown in years, but the airlines were already well on the way to food which no one could eat.

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