The Kickstarter to end all Kickstarters


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  1. EH says:

    Well played, Moneypenny.

  2. inkfumes says:

    Perhaps I will start one to pay off the National Debt.

  3. gijoel says:

    And thus kickstarter sowed the seeds of its own doom.

  4. mat catastrophe says:

    I doubt it will go live on kickstarter – but I bet he could get it up and running for real on indiegogo

  5. Lemoutan says:

    Somebody will doubtless claim prior art and sue him for patent infringement.

  6. Vincent says:

    I get that this is a joke, but it would be fun to see a project to opensource kickstarters codebase and democratize its ownership. Currently, I fail to see why kickstarter should get paied 160,000 dollars so Tim Schafer can make an aventure game. 
    Double fine could just as easily had collected the funds themselves and let that money go towards the actual product. 

    • SamKington says:

      Yeah, how dare people have a good idea, put in a lot of hard work to build it, and get paid for it.

      • Vincent says:

        I’m not saying that kickstarter isn’t a good idea, or that they shouldn’t get payed. If enough funds where raised to buy kickstarter, guess who would receive these funds? I’m just saying that I fail to see why they should get a percentage rate of each project, just as I fail to see why Amazon should get a percentage fee. Kickstarter would function just as well based on flat rate fees to start a project., of cause they wouldn’t make a but-load of money off the popular projects, which they did absolutely nothing to promote, or even to ensure would work out. 

        People getting paid, and people getting paid to much for something they do not deserve are completely different things. Look at ISP’s trying to charge you extra for access to Facebook or per minute charges for IP, your comment works just as well. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to get paid for their idea, and all the hard work they put into lobbying to get the laws on their side?

        • Listener43 says:

          Start a competing service with a flat fee structure. If it’s better for the project fund-raisers, the business will flow to you and you can pay yourself “enough” rather than “too much” to your heart’s delight.

          • Vincent says:

            Person A: I don’t like kickstarter, it would be better if it was bought out by a community effort and change to be less profit focused.
            Person B: If you don’t like it start a competing company with a different funding structure!
            wtf, are you even reading what you are responding to?

            Also, you can’t possibly be pushing the “Don’t criticize anything you can’t do better yourself”-argument.  wft. 

  7. Charles Mitchell says:

    Did kickstarter kill this project?

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