Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Mr. Magic on WHBI

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  1. So… At what point exactly did being successful require one to be really, really loud, again?

    A silly question, I’m sure.

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask – why is Russel Simmons crosseyed with a speech impediment? I’ve never noticed him having either before…

    1. No offense to the guy, but he totally does have a lisp. Don’t know about the eyes though, they’re definitely not crossed. Maybe a little bit of the sleepy-eye look, but not crossed.

      1.  They’re not crossed, but, they’ll get what I call “Wall-eyed”, where they point outwards. Sometimes they focus, but, they definitely wander away from each other.

        1.  I watched a couple videos and I do see how one eye migrates. I didn’t hear the speech issue except for a couple times I thought I heard a “W” instead of an “R”. Maybe he worked on it since then.  Anyway – still loving the series.  When is Doug E Fresh going to appear?

          1.  Doug E Fresh is one of the last guys on Enjoy Records, plus, his routines with Slick Rick! He’s an important bridge between the old school and the Def Jam era. It’s gonna take a while though.

          2.  No lisp and no abnormal eye movement? 

            It’s just how Simmons is and when presented in comic format, well, it makes perfect sense.

  3. Ed, keep up the good work. I’m also enjoying the follow up videos you’ve been posting in the comments. I look forward to your Tuesday posts.

    [Edit] Follow up Ed, on those Etsy cardstocks, do you sign those or is that an option?

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