Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Mr. Magic on WHBI

By Ed Piskor

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Published 9:00 am Tue, Mar 20, 2012


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13 Responses to “Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Mr. Magic on WHBI”

  1. Jorpho says:

    So… At what point exactly did being successful require one to be really, really loud, again?

    A silly question, I’m sure.

  2. wizardru says:

    Can’t wait to see this whole thing collected and in print. 

  3. Mister44 says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask – why is Russel Simmons crosseyed with a speech impediment? I’ve never noticed him having either before…

    • blueelm says:

      No offense to the guy, but he totally does have a lisp. Don’t know about the eyes though, they’re definitely not crossed. Maybe a little bit of the sleepy-eye look, but not crossed.

      • Ed Piskor says:

         They’re not crossed, but, they’ll get what I call “Wall-eyed”, where they point outwards. Sometimes they focus, but, they definitely wander away from each other.

        • Mister44 says:

           I watched a couple videos and I do see how one eye migrates. I didn’t hear the speech issue except for a couple times I thought I heard a “W” instead of an “R”. Maybe he worked on it since then.  Anyway – still loving the series.  When is Doug E Fresh going to appear?

  4. dscott says:

    Ooh, those prints are tempting… 

  5. grs says:

    Ed, keep up the good work. I’m also enjoying the follow up videos you’ve been posting in the comments. I look forward to your Tuesday posts.

    [Edit] Follow up Ed, on those Etsy cardstocks, do you sign those or is that an option?