Girl Walk: 77-minute dance-film accompanies Girl Talk's All Day

Girl Walk is a 77-minute dance film that accompanies Girl Talk's astounding album All Day, produced through an extremely successful Kickstarter project that raised $24,817 out of the $4,800 the producers were seeking. I just watched the first half (it's in a series of segments on Vimeo) and was blown away.

What's the story? A young dancer finds herself disgruntled with her low-paying, mundane waitressing job. One day, she impulsively quits, then takes a ferry to the city. Feeling incredibly inspired by what she sees, Anne dances her way across New York, using the city as her stage. Throughout her journey, she meets characters of all types, including a series of like-minded dancers, who'll inspire new movements, engage her in small battles, and teach her to fear, love, laugh and live anew. From the ferry to museums, subways, ball games, bridges, bodegas, graveyards, flower shops, and more, Anne's journey will bring her far and wide. See the trailer, in full, at

Watch the Film | Girl Walk // All Day (via Waxy)


  1. Watched this at Roxie Theater as it closed down SF Idie Film Fest. It is awesome. Great Q&A with the director afterword.

  2. I’ve watched half so far and I’m hooked. Excellent, both music and dance!

    Thank you, Cory, this is indeed a wonderful thing.

  3. I fell in love with that song/track/album/whatever almost two years ago, and have already burned out on it twice. Largely because it’s the single best workplace music there is; I have yet to come across somebody that didn’t like it, grudgingly or otherwise.

    1. To be contrary, I loved it. The actress was so charming, likeable, and talented. And just like The Life of Bryan says below, I’ve been blowing up the Girl Talk albums at work. They’re incredibly motivating and happiness-inducing. I was ecstatic to see a video treatment that loves this music as much as I do.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      We’re looking to make the film available as a full-length download or purchasable DVD, but have some legal hurdles to overcome first due to the nature of the soundtrack (the 372 sampled tracks in the soundtrack are uncleared by Girl Talk). This means we can’t distribute or sell it at the moment, aside from how we’ve released it in chapters. If you sign up for our mailing list (at the bottom of then we’ll let you know when and if it becomes available as a single, full release — until then, chapter by chapter is what we can offer. 

      Youngna Park, Producer, Girl Walk // All Day

  4. I wanted so badly to like this–I love Girl Talk, Kickstarter, mashups, music videos, and popping is probably my favorite style of dance–I figured this to be my wheelhouse. But the main actress is so obnoxious, so terrible as an actress and mediocre as a dancer, so fake in her expressions and body language, I couldn’t make it through more than ten minutes before quitting. Very disappointing. 

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