How to spiral cut peel an orange

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  1. “dispose of the peels in a sanitary waste basket”  – WRONG!

    The best reason for the spiral, is that you can hang the peel to dry – making the whole house smell wonderful.

    At the very least … compost that sucker.

  2. Hey, she’s reading notes off of a script.  At least memorize your unnecessary and creepy orange monologue.

  3. Her pronunciation of the word ‘orange’ using only one syllable (‘ornje’) kept me from being able to enjoy this video.

  4. At 3:19 you can see the creature’s lizard like eye lids blink as it ignores its instinct to swallow whole, and instead tries to chew the food.

    Oddly, my subconcious is trying to determine if I’m more bored or turned on.

  5. Yeeps.

    I’d hate to see how she peeled a BLOOD orange. Probably woulda gone all Nosferatu on the little sucker.

  6. It’s like David Lynch and Ernie Kovacs collaborated on an instructional video while in high school! Awesome!

  7. Spiral, yes, but I never need a knife.  Just gently roll the orange on a table (like you’re forming a lump of clay into a sphere) to loosen up the skin a bit.  Usually comes off in one nice long piece, too.

  8. Brighter people will prove me wrong, but she can’t do that with a Valencia, only with a Navel.

  9. That is the most uncomfortable and awkward thing I have ever seen.  Hollywood comedies revolving around awkwardness don’t even come close.  By the halfway point, I literally was watching from between my fingers, and laughing to keep from screaming.

  10. I’m a little creeped out and a little turned on. heh. The things people do for content in a production class. (I can’t be the only one who clicks through these things out of curiosity.)

  11. I’ve been thinking about this video today. The lady in the video appears to be pretty young. So Nosferatu-orange-peelin’ gal, I want to give you some encouragement for coming up with a fun performance piece (hey, interesting enough to land on the coolest site on the web) and also some ideas for how you can make this better on the next take. I hope you do another take, by the way, because I think this will evolve into a great piece.

    I produced a creative video show in college where we’d do short, mostly comedy pieces, so I went through a lot of learning myself about the things I am commenting on.

    1. Props/set:  I really like the idea of the operating table you have the orange on. It’s intriguing, and the green color sets the orange off nicely. Video is a visual medium, so, it’s important to execute the props perfectly. Work on making the cover wrinkle free and perfectly draped. Make sure the orange is the most beautiful orange you ever saw. The clean backdrop, by the way, is great. It doesn’t distract from the performance. Black really sucks up the light, though, so maybe consider something like red – equally dramatic but it would reflect more light.

    2. Lighting: Lighting is pretty good. Professional video productions use very intense light – the lights are BRIGHT and HOT. So, get as much as you can.

    3. Performance/script: You do a good job with the script. On my show we used to say that scripts have to have “a beginning, a middle, and an end.” It sounds obvious to say it, but you’d be surprised at how many people write scripts that don’t seem to go anywhere. I think it’s pretty good – great build up – good middle – maybe a little stronger ending? I think it could use a “twist” of some sort at the end, a surprise.

    As for the performance – first off, the hair, makeup, outfit are all great. Right from the start I wondered what was going on here. Also, I think you held the character consistently throughout.

    Since there was so much build up to the cutting of the orange, I feel like you need to practice that and get it down just right. Like, I wanted to see you peel the orange all the way and not stop part way. I wanted to see you do something very precise and practiced. I’d practice making the act of cutting more interesting – and change the camera angle at that point, so you got a good closeup of the cutting.

    Great reading, a little scary, sexual, weird. You just need to loosen up a bit and be less self-conscious. Keep going with where you are going but make the performance bigger. Move around a little more, make your voice even MORE dramatic, and every now and then look the camera dead in the eye and hold it for a bit.

    I hope to see more of you in the future. Keep it up!

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