Talking about the future of energy in Pennsylvania, Boston, Colorado, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and New York City


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  1. Bevatron Repairman says:

    Could anyone in the hive mind here point me to an article/answer to the following, re climate change: 

    All fossil fuels will, eventually, be burned off.  So if society burned all available fossil fuels tomorrow — to be, in a sense, done with it — how much worse is that than burning all available fossil fuels over the next decade or century or whatnot. 

    I recognize that this mostly goes to the total ability of the Earth to reabsorb atmospheric CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) over time and the deficit in that reabsorbtion rate compared to natural and artificial production of C02, but would love to see if and how someone has compared this against the total supply of fossil fuel.


    • I’m afraid I don’t know enough about the atmospheric lifetimes of greenhouse gases to answer this question off the top of my head. But it’s an interesting one. I might look into that if I get a chance. 

  2. Leland says:

    Come to Portland! Please?

    • I’d love to. But I’m organizing and financing this thing on my own. So here’s what I’m telling people: If you want me to come to a place that’s not already on the list, let’s crowdsource it into reality. 

      You know the local lay of the land better than I do. Do you know people/organizations/university professors who have a venue where I could speak? 

      If we can get that, and we can get enough people to chip in to cover travel expenses, I’m willing to go just about anywhere. 

      If you’re serious and want to brainstorm some on this, contact me. I’m at maggie.koerth@@gmail:disqus .com. There’s a signed copy in it for anybody that can help me organize something like this. 
      And it’s worked before. I just found out that another reader helped me get a gig at Carnegie Mellon on April 6th!

  3. Keith Rodenbostel says:

    Not going to read your book unless you talk about LFTR reactors.  Gotta spread the Thorium word to be legit.

  4. frozenintime says:

    Come up to Gulliver’s book store in Fairbanks, Ak…OK

  5. iseethefnords says:

    Hooray for CWA!
    Although I should point out that your CWA link is broken :)

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