Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day team up for Tabletop, a show about tabletop games


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  1. Uh, what? I don’t get it. Why would I want to watch strangers play board games?

  2. royaltrux says:

    Speaking of Wil, NO ONE can narrate a John Scalzi novel like Wil Wheaton. Perfection. I have no complaints for William Dufris, he’s good, too. But Wil is the best. More, please.

  3. Corso says:

    Day[9] is instant gaming cred

  4. SolaceInRage says:

    I really hope this isn’t some mean early April Fools joke. I can’t wait to see this in it’s entirety.

    • Drew Coombs says:

      It’s not. They’ve already shot a year’s worth of  episodes which will post/air every other week. The channel launches on the 2nd of April. 

      I am super jazzed.

  5. LinkMan says:

    Does he cheat at board games like he cheated Leonard and Sheldon at bowling?

  6. dculberson says:


    Edit: OH God! And Phil Lamarr!! And Garfunkle and Oates! I’m having a total meltdown here.

  7. franko says:

    he had me at “this is my new show.”

  8. LogrusZed says:

    What is the game that looks like a scaled-up version of Car Wars? Also need Blood Bowl!

    /They had me at Dinner For Five.

  9. Keith Tyler says:

    Wil and Felicia make an awesome team, and they appear and work together so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if Anne (Mrs. Wil) Wheaton had a special dagger set aside just for Felicia.

  10. Guest says:

    I hope they have contests that let viewers win a seat. I’d love to play Arkham Horror with any of these people.

  11. Xof says:

    “I Hit it with My Axe” was there first. And that one had porn stars.

    • Mordicai says:

       I’d watch the rest of those episodes if they ever found a home.

    • Jim Jones says:

       A lot of other people were there WAY before “I Hit it with My Axe.” After all, the concept of the show comes from the Poker All Stars. Beyond that, Wil actually was a player on the Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons sessions which had a similar look and feel and also predate IHiwMA.

      Besides, it doesn’t matter who got there first. It looks like a lot of fun and I think thats the main point.

  12. Obvious: When they start in on Catan, I want to be the first to comment, “I’ve got wood for sheep! And Felicia!”

  13. Peter Card says:

    But do they play Research Lab?

     “The physics is theoretical but the fun is real”

  14. Improbus Liber says:

    Game Request: Risk
    Guest Request: Jim “Sheldon Cooper” Parsons and/or Kaley “Penny” Cuoco

  15. cap cavern says:

    I was wondering when this might finally arrive here . Cool.
    Here a francophone version ,less Soap oriented  :) .


  16. Peter says:

    If they do D&D or other roleplaying games, I’m in.  Others… not so much (but maybe, depending on the stars).

  17. Teller says:

    Extra *** if someone flips the spread.

  18. pfooti says:

    Seems like the geek and sundry channel in general (of which Tabletop is just a part) is looking pretty darn cool. I wish youtube had better support for subscriptions (both the RSS and email feeds seem to take a long time to update).

  19. Daemonworks says:

    At first I was like ^.^ then I realized it was about board games, and was like T.T

  20. nesnora says:

    If you haven’t already, see “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” first—  it’s a great D&D comedy from a small handful of filmmakers. I found it on Netflix, so it’s easily accessible.

    “Hide behind the pile of dead bards!”

  21. oddboyout says:

    I can’t imagine it being better than http://www.shutupshow.com/

  22. Yea! It’s like EPSN for people like me. Beware of Catan, it’s a gateway drug. 

  23. Gregwashere says:

    Yeah. Duh. …This is just a step below Christians discovering sex: “Oh, that was actually a good time. Can we do that again please?”

  24. JayeRandom says:

    Seconding the Shut Up and Sit Down recommendation (shutupshow.com).  Frequently hilarious reviews of board games filmed in their living rooms and neighborhood surroundings by a couple of excellent English gents with zero-budget and excellent comic writing and timing.

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