Deep design analysis of Walt Disney World's lighting fixtures


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  1. trippcook says:

    Pseudonymous ?   How can you be sure his/her name isn’t Foxxfur?  Quite an assumption there, Cory.

  2. corydodt says:

    Cory, have you ever written about the deeply conflicted relationship you have with Disney? You obviously have a great deal of love for their creations (and why not? Their creations are brilliant) but as a copyfighter you abhor what The Mouse represents for the public domain and creative collaboration. I’d like to know more about how you resolve this internally.

  3. MandoZink says:

    I’m always fascinated by great light fixtures, and have built many of my own. I looked at the fixtures and arrays in the article, but one thing I missed. There was no mention of the types of bulbs used in any of the fixtures. I’m sure Disney would have made the effort to assure the color temperature and spectrum were suited to the application. For years I wrote spectral descriptions of phosphors, metal salt components and blackbody emissions of various lamps (bulbs) on the market. I’d bet some of Disney’s considerations of illuminant placements would have been quite interesting if revealed. I frequently discussed lighting technologies on Usenet with researchers from the major manufacturers. They shared a lot of historic development stories from the industry.

    SIDE NOTE:  Unfortunately, due to the more useful application my lighting knowledge I may soon be doing time.

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