HOWTO Make your own Lucky Charms marshmallows

If you can make homemade corn syrup, you can make homemade marshmallows. If you can make homemade marshmallows, you can make homemade Lucky Charms marshmallows. If you can do that, you are become death, destroyer of worlds.

That said, making homemade Lucky Charms is not for everyone.

You can read that sentence as a warning or as a challenge to be one of the few who are up to the task. I will never make them again. That's not because they turned out poorly. No, quite the opposite - they were amazing! However, homemade Lucky Charms were so labor-intensive that both Jonathan and I are still recovering - we have blisters on our thumbs from continuous pressing on cookie cutters (Jonathan had to take over after my fingers hurt so much that I couldn't cut anymore).

Homemade Lucky Charms - Are You Up for the Challenge? ~ Cupcake Project (via Geekologie)


  1. I will point out that the “homemade corn syrup” is actually corn-flavored cane sugar syrup.

  2. Screw’s something useful. Make your own Gummy bears.
    1 pack of jello, 1/2 cup water, 2 packs of unflavored gelatine.  Mix and let sit, then heat.
    Use candy molds to form into gummy candies. Add a couple of tsp of vitamin C powder to make a vita-C gummy. Or just put on wax paper to cool and cut into gummy worms (Fortified with Vitamin C).

    Dust with cornstarch and some more vita-c powder for extra tang.

    1. Aye! They’re always after me German physicists!
      Also, even though 3D printers aren’t involved as of yet, prepare for General Mills lawsuit in 3…2…1…

    1. Those shapes are so simple you could do them the same way people do those polymer clay beads. The trick I think though would be getting the goo at the right consistency because at first it’s clearly very wet. Maybe drying it a *little* then working with it?

  3. “Lucky Charms now come in Pink Hearts, Orange Stars, Yellow Moons, Green Clover, and Viagra!”

  4. Or just buy some fucking Lucky Charms. Why you’d want to is beyond me; my 10-year-old realizes how disgusting they are.

    When you have a recipe for Count Chocula, we’ll talk.

    1. Word is, Chinese spies have had access to our Count Chocula facilities for years… if we lose our edge on Frankenberry tech you can expect the balance of power to tip in earnest.

  5. Am I the only one who looked at the pic and immediately thought of mounds and mounds of tabs of sweet, delicious, ecstasy? :P

  6. I’m thinking fun-shaped marshmallows were a real missed opportunity for Kelloggs Special K.  Thank you. :D

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