Mitt Romney raps Eminem


11 Responses to “Mitt Romney raps Eminem”

  1. Mister44 says:

    That was really good.

  2. jdollak says:

     As much as I’ve enjoyed this one, it’s nowhere near the quality of the work that Rx did with George W. Bush.

  3. SamSam says:

    Excellent. Very well executed.

  4. asterios9 says:

    This was so good I thought it HAD to be professional – it seems like no one person could put this together for fun.  But, apparently, Hugh is an attorney from Australia?  Who does this as a hobby? 

  5. jdollak says:

    Ok, if Rx’s Imagine is too much of a cover, try Happy Rxmas and Whole Lotta Love, which doesn’t borrow the vocal.

  6. One of the best videos I’ve seen this year.

  7. Robotkid says:

    Great work.  Reminds me of the godfathers of video mashing, EBN.  Here’s their classic take on “We Will Rock You.”  (this was edited on VHS by the way…before digital video editing.)

  8. Mantissa128 says:

    This is a work of remix brilliance. I couldn’t resist taking down the text:

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