Adam and Jamie's fun new show: Unchained Reaction


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  1. Christopher Ross says:

    I love Mythbusters.  This… is the perfect example of why I have TiVo. Jump right to the end to see the final machine run.

    I’d bet this is off there air within the next few episodes.  

    • xzzy says:

      No way.. the build is the best part. Watching the thought process and seeing how they solve problems is a lot of fun, and is sadly something that’s gotten less and less airtime as Mythbusters has aged.

      I just hope the editors don’t focus on the “drama” as in the preview clip. If every episode is some old guy whining that stuff isn’t going to be done on time, it’s really going to end up as nothing but a dreary reality show. 

      Focus on the “ah hah!” moments and it’s a lot more fun.

  2. Rider says:

    I can bet it’s already cancelled.  Sunday at 10pm is where Discovery puts stuff to die.  Just ask Phil Plait. 

  3. Jay Rendon says:

    The host totally left Mr. Cranky Pants hanging at the end of the clip.

  4. Heh when we were doing make:nyc we ended up doing similar stuff.  It’s always a blast to watch the results.  This is going to rock.

  5. mudsock says:

    They worked really hard to not mention Rube Goldberg during the entire episode I watched. They did some fancy dancing to describe these contraptions without a nod to the cartoonist who has inspired generations of DIYers to have fun while inventing. Must be a rights thing.

  6. Knitasha says:

    My boyfriend and I watched this and we both decided we would have liked to have seen more of Adam and Jamie in the show (either actually interacting with the teams during the build phase or possibly competing along side them like Iron Chef). Also, it would have been interesting if both contraptions not only needed to showcase the theme but also have a definite end (you must find a way to make this firework go off, etc). Without a common ending, it felt a little random.

  7. Over the River says:

    I loved Junk Yard Wars so this sounds like a winner. I’ll be there.

  8. eithion says:

    Where can I sign up a team?!

  9. glatt1 says:

    Seems a lot like Design Squad for grown ups.   PBS has been doing an awesome teenager version of this show for like 5 years.

  10. west says:

    Mythbusters has lost some of its edge.  I used to love this show but, let’s face it,  some of the “myths” are just  plain boring.  Hopefully this new show will be better.

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