Landmark ruling for LGBT rights in Chile


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  1. Unfortunately, a representative of the Chilean Supreme Court came out and dismissed the ruling. “We must take into account the best interest of the girls and prevent their harm”, even though two lower courts had awarded custody to the mother, based on the favorable psychiatric reports.

  2. Domingo says:

    The original chilean Supreme Court ruling that was deemed discriminatory by the 
    Inter-American Court of Human Rights stated that the best interest of the girls was to live with their father, because:
    1- They could be socially discriminated by living with their mother. So the state, in order to shelter them from the evils of discrimination, must separate them from the mother.
    2- Their mother, by choosing to live with her partner, selfishly put her interests before those of the girls (one assumes, by dooming them to be discriminated), thus showing parental neglect.

    For real.

  3. llazy8 says:

    Nobody ever asks if the kids are heterosexual.  They *must* be. 

  4. AnthonyC says:

    I had never heard of that Inter-American Court of Human Rights before. Is this ruling actually binding on the Chilean government/judicial system?

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