Mysterious booms in Wisconsin


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  1. dillonl says:

    Perhaps they could use the technology the military has to locate snipers based on the report of the gunshot?

    • xzzy says:

      The hardware needed to do that is a lot more expensive than $7,000. Plus if the booms are originating underground, they don’t be able to find the epicenter. 

      My theory? Bigfoot mating rituals.

    • Lobster says:

       My knee-jerk reaction is that the military already knows the source of the booms.  Reminds me of when they first started testing supersonic aircraft.

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    Let me be the first to blame the govt/military.


    I blame the govt and/or the military involved in secret secrets of alien technology. probably some kind of drum machine from Alpha Centauri 

  3. MB44 says:

    Let’s get to work on those shelters everyone!
    Awesome song/Relevant:

  4. Larry says:

    Here’s another report from the south coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, across the San Juan Strait from Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.  This one is reported more as a low frequency rumbling noise than a series of bangs.

  5. Kevin Pierce says:

    Dick Cheney’s new lair

  6. msw141 says:

    I remember hearing about reports of unexplained daytime thunder here in Minnesota during the end of last year.  It turned out that it was the sound of ice cracking on the lakes.  Due to the mild winter, there was no snow cover that typically would muffle the sound.  Could be something similar?

  7. chris cast says:

    We all know it’s a “War of The Worlds” scenario… the thing buried  down there has been there…waiting…for centuries. It’s alarm is going off (2012), it’s cranky and we are doomed! Doomed, I tell ya!  

  8. Keith Achorn says:

    About 1 week ago, I also experienced some unexplained booms around my house at night in Port St Lucie, Florida.  It went on for maybe 10 minutes or so.  The bangs were discrete (not a rumble) and they were quite loud and  reminded me of professional fireworks.  However, I periodically tried to identify the source by looking around my house and was unable to.  My home is in a suburban neighborhood not near any other sources I can think of (like stadiums), and this noise was louder and more persistent than previous fireworks I’ve heard from my neighbors – not to mention this is not remotely close to New Years or the 4th of July.  Now that I know there are reports elsewhere, I wish I had taken some notes.

    All that being said, I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for what I heard, but I will be interested to hear how this story pans out.

    Edit: I should point out that this did not appear in any way to be normal thunder. The bangs seemed to be in somewhat regular intervals with brief gaps between sets.

    • RedShirt77 says:

       Have you had the same abnormally warm march we have in the upper midwest?

      • Keith Achorn says:

        It has been warm, but it usually is this time of year in Florida.  The typical range has been 70-80F.

        • RedShirt77 says:

          Yeah, we have been 40 degrees above normal.

          • David Wyatt says:

            My friend in alaska said he is used to the teens about this time of year, it hit nearly 90 the other day and was 65 the day before.   Nah, no such thing as climate change and the 2,106 nuclear explosions the humans have done in the last 70 years couldnt have a thing to do with it.

  9. Jason says:

    This happened in Richmond, VA a few years ago. It turned out to be concussive bombs constructed with 3-liter soda bottles deposited in storm drains or left on the street. I seem to recall that since pyrotechnics were not involved, there was no way to prosecute the perpetrators when they were caught.

    • mat catastrophe says:


    • bcsizemo says:

      3 liter bottles…that might have been more than a few years ago then.  I haven’t seen a 3 liter is many many years.  (Well at least in the major brands now that I think about it.  Wal-Mart might still have a few things in 3 liter bottles.)

      Good old aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner…how I miss my youth.

      • David Wyatt says:

        local supermarkets always have and (many) still do carry 3 liter sodas/

        They come in strange flavors like fruit punch and ginger ale.
        Also after many many many dry ice bombs in my youth, I found that the smaller the bottle the denser the bottle the greater the pressure.  I made them out of 1 liters, worked ok.  Thought 2 liters would be louder, it wasnt, and 3 liters were even more ridiculous.  BUT, If you use a really really small and dense bottle like a “Pom” bottle or anything thick, it will make a ridiculously strong shockwave/explosion.

  10. Teller says:

    Glad to see no cutting-cheese gags that would cheapen the discussion.

  11. jennybean42 says:

    Secret fraking?

    • Jim Schmidt says:

      Or even not so secret. The theory is that the Maryland earthquake a few months back that was felt where I am in Michigan was triggered asa a result of fracking. It’s possible that what they’re doing invisibly underground is the cause of the noises.

    • shawn3012 says:

      I’m in tx and there have been several small quakes that they say have nothing to do with fracking but are remarkably close to major drilling areas. I’m afraid we are all going to be unpleasantly surprised at the result of fracking.

  12. mat catastrophe says:

    Seriously, if the sounds are not captured on recording devices then can we even say that these people aren’t just having a mass delusion event?

    Those things happen, you know….some of them are even fatal.

  13. The journals of the Corps of Discovery mention booming noises heard and I think it even mentions Lewis or Clark taken the time to investigate the source. 

  14. bcsizemo says:

    It’s just the other universe bleeding through…

  15. Dr_Wadd says:

    There was mysterious loud rumbling in Reading, UK last week, either the late hours of Friday night or the early hours of Saturday morning, I wasn’t paying attention to the clock too closely. Pretty certain it wasn’t thunder. While it could have been a plane, Reading is on the flight-path to Heathrow, it was late enough that no planes should have been flying in or out and it seemed too long in duration to have been a plane passing over.

  16. Bartacus says:


  17. Ian Anthony says:

    It was the gubment. I know because I did my research on YouTube.

  18. Guest says:

    There’s more than one way to get rid of a stump. 

  19. StAlfongzo says:

    Sounds like the Brown Note to me.

  20. puppethead says:

    This made me think of a chilling story from an Alfred Hitchcock horror anthology I read as a youth, which I can’t recall or locate.

    The story involved a mine dug so deep it stumbled across underground dwellers, and these beings had metal rods that made whatever they touched disappear in a small radius around the rod tip. Like rock face, parts of bodies…

  21. Android and/or iPhone apps would probably be able to triangulate this for a lot less than $7k.

  22. ClayE says:

    I’m WAGing, but a dynamite driven Seismic Survey would have those results.
    But I though oil/gas exploration in that area occurred decades ago. 

  23. Adam says:

    As I’m sitting here reading the comments with the NBC Chicago local news broadcast playing in the background, I hear them say “Clintonville” and “booms.” That got my attention! I rewound the DVR and they’re reporting that it was 1.5 magnitude earthquakes.

  24. Ayla Erdmann says:

    I was sitting at up in Montello Wisconsin, i think 20 minutes away from Clitonvill?, and I heard only one boom. It was quite loud, it shook the little trailer that we we sitting in. My first thought was that something fell on the roof. 

  25. danmcenroe says:

    It’s the kick!

  26. yeahyeahwhtever says:

    I’m wondering if this is what I used to hear on Summer nights: dueling booms from different locations.  Supposedly the origin of that sound would be a garbage bag filled with oxy/acetylene, which was then ignited.

  27. Here’s hoping this marks the resurgence of those mysterious sky rumbles from the start of the year and it all is leading to something AMAZING and WONDERFUL.

  28. bumpngrindcore says:

    The answer is simple; there is a hellmouth under Clintonville. 

  29. OgilvyTheAstronomer says:

    Obviously Deros.

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