Racist pants

Abercrombie & Fitch (It's a rogue reseller!) should think of a better name for these pants.

UPDATE: Xeni says "Network Solutions Whois reveals that the abercrombie-and-fitchoutlet.com domain is owned by bizcn.com, a Chinese company. Abercrombie & Fitch Inc doesn't control any of the content."

Here's a similar case reported in The Consumerist.


  1. i’m guessing this isn’t an AF-sanctioned site. looks like someone trying to use their brand or maybe abuse it.

  2. This is a joke right? I kept looking at the url and expecting to see the Onion or something. 

    Also, 42 pounds for pants on sale? WTF?

  3. Oh, giiiiiirl.

    “Abercrombie and Fitch brand has been attracting the young market to the greatest extent.They are in love with these products,for they perfectly suit their looks.The reason of success of A&F is the dedication,which you can see in its stitching,designs,detailing,fabric and color contrasting.It pays attention on each and every detail of the garments and accessories”


  4. Should be noted:

    Network Solutions Whois shows that the abercrombie-and-fitchoutlet . com domain where this (totally uncool content) appears is owned by bizcn . com, a Chinese company. Abercrombie & Fitch Inc doesn’t own the site, or approve or control any of its content as they might with the official website: abercrombie . com. In other words, it’s a rogue third-party reseller in China, not Abercrombie & Fitch, that is responsible for the problem.

    [EDIT] Actually, it looks like a likely phishing site. I wouldn’t stick my credit card up in that bizness.

    1. Since there’s no guarantee that this site will behave even a little bit legitimately with credit cards or anything else, I think you should take this post down.

      1. Yo dawg, I heard you like emptor in your caveat, so I emptored your emptor so you can caveat while you caveat.

        1.  He had to confront you directly.  When we bring it up with your customer support we don’t get an answer.

  5. –Reads headline–

    Racist pants? Mark, how can pants be racist?

    –Follows link–

    OK, that’s how.

    1.  See, the problem is that you are trying to get a legitimate response from an illegitimate company.

      Let it go.

    1.  Makes me wonder if they still use that shade in the UK? Does the n-word  have the power there that it has here.

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