Zombie sleep mask

In the Boing Boing store: Zombie Sleep Masks. One of these is going in my "most comfortable man in the sky" airplane kit -- a carry-all with a tiny two-temperature sleeping bag, hot water bottle, fuzzy sleep socks, freshly pressed cotton pyjamas, and a sleep mask.

Zombie Sleep Mask


  1. Does it work like Dorian Gray’s portrait by experiencing the insomnia so that you can rest?  It certainly looks red-eyed and peaked.

  2. Yes, yes. I’ve gots to have me a zombie sleep mask. Kinda looks like me after a few mugs of red…or possibly before.

  3. Fun, but as someone who uses one regularly I have to say that sadly most of these gimicky masks (like the ones Gama-Go sells) are better at being fun than they are at actually being sleep masks. Until one of these companies goes a step farther than screen printing something funny on a cheap Chinese-made mask, I’m stuck using something that looks like I borrowed it from my grandma.

  4. very dangerous…..  i would never disguise myself as a zombie before going to sleep!  my wife might wake up in the middle of the night, see a zombie and instinctively shoot me in the head.

  5. It needs an overlay of a regular sleep mask, so you can sit up, say “What?!?  WHAT?!” when disturbed and pull off the mask, revealing…

  6. So how tiny is that sleeping bag? Or to put it another way, how much space would it take up in the laptop bag?

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