1988 video of Caresse P-Orridge, age 6, and Psychic TV covering "Are You Experienced"


15 Responses to “1988 video of Caresse P-Orridge, age 6, and Psychic TV covering "Are You Experienced"”

  1. MoZeu says:

    Just wondering in what sense this video is “fantastic”?

    • SedanChair says:

      I think you had to be there.

    • tydesign says:

      Pscyhic TV and the P-Orridge’s have always been on the edge. I’ve always been a fan, but my college roommates compared it to farting whale noises. But I loved the early experimental stuff.

      I love Caresse’s RU Xperienced. I still have the 7-in. vinyl record somewhere. And appreciate Fred Gianelli’s post Pscyhic TV work as the Kooky Scientist. Video isn’t spectacular, but as I said it’s not for the masses.

    • freshacconci says:

      Well, you either get it or you don’t, I guess. Does its existence bug you or something?

  2. Cicada Mania says:

    Neat! I’ve been looking for that song for over two decades after hearing it on college radio once (WRSU). 

  3. Erin Conrad says:

    I used to hang out with Caresse as a teenager, I had never seen this.  Thanks!

  4. blindidiotgod says:

    Good fun. Played this as a novelty at parties when it first came out. I’d usually wait till people were peaking.

  5. Bob N Johnson says:

     This is so far past awesome you would need to take a bus back to awesome.

  6. Bob N Johnson says:

    Here’s another great Hendrix cover from Sandra Bernhard

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