Brassy, tassled electric candle fixture

Art Donovan writes, "I've created a current collection of illuminated designs that take cues from just about every global, antique influence I can find. My latest work, 'The Most Excellent Rumi Redux' stretches my sources just about as far as I've gone yet."

We've featured a lot of Art's excellent work before.

Mr. Donovan’s newest design, “Rumi Redux”, uses influences from the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. The imagery (and Arabic calligraphy) is inspired by the famous 12th century Persian scientist, al Jazari. The crown art is entirely hand painted in gouache and gold leaf with translucent dyes used for the back-lit elements.

The back-lit, glowing “Eye” is inspired by an early 19th century painting from an English masonic lodge. The comet is reproduced accurately from the 16th century German, “Wunderzeichenbuch” (The Book of Miracles). The Persian elephant is reproduced from an early illuminated text and the crescent moon is 2" thick, frosted convex lens- which is then back-lit and rear painted in deep red to evoke earth shine. The solid mahogany base is painted in pale matte gray with hand made brass and silk tassels.

"The Most Excellent Rumi Redux" (Thanks, Art!)


  1. That is most excellent. I just  looked through an number of his other works. Everything is stunning, but this is my favorite.

        1. No hassle for the tassels then!  They did look convincing to me — on this flat screen and from about 3000 miles away. 

          [I also like your steampunk clocks and lamps very much!]

  2.  The symbols give it an esoteric feeling that really stimulate my imagination. I can’t stop trying to invent a  context for lamp like this. It  has an “otherworldly plausibility” to it, as though it were an artefact from another reality.

    1. “Lamp and another reality”?! Have you seen that story from reddit about the guy who had an accident here and then spent 10 years living an entire life in an alternate reality, only to be drawn back into this one by the weird and unsettling visions he had about a strange red lamp? I can’t find it right now, but very odd story.

  3. Hey, wasn’t there just a post about Italian horror? This looks like a set piece from Suspiria. I am in love with it.  When I get a black-walled room covered in gold calligraphy and occult symbols, I will put this right next to my neon peacock.

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