Byron Sonne quizzed over saved tweets, goat avatar

Denise sez, "Update on the trial of Byron Sonne, arrested in Toronto on explosives charges in advance of the G20 in June, 2010. This week, the Crown pulled up information off of Sonne's harddrives, including tweets from Clay Shirky and Oxblood Ruffin, 50-year-old U.S. military manuals and photos of goats. Much time was spent discussing why Sonne used a goat as his username/avatar."

On Monday, Nadeau also pressed Ouelette for his personal understanding of why there were photos of goats (one labeled “drunk goat”) on Sonne’s hard drive, and why the accused had used “Goatmaster” and “Toronto Goat” as his online usernames. Peter Copeland, one of Sonne’s lawyers, objected, saying that Ouelette wasn’t an expert on acronyms. Spies decided to hear the argument as “voir dire,” meaning she will decide later if it’s admissible as evidence. So, Ouelette opined that “Goat,” stood for “Greatest of All Time,” based on his knowledge of hockey, nicknames, and Wayne Gretzky.

Read more about Sonne's kafkaesque encounter with Canadian law.

Miles to go: Byron Sonne trial Continues (Thanks, Denise!)


  1. This impelled me to check for goat pictures on my computer, but the closest that I could find was this one of Jemaine Clement.  Perhaps some day I’ll have a prosecutor trying to figure out why I have pictures of Barnabas Collins, Katherine of Aragon and Twiggy.

  2. Goats are evil, cantankerous and vindictive.  It’s no accident that many cultures use them as a symbol for Satan.

  3. I like to give Canada credit for greater sanity than the U.S. with the hope that I could move there some day if things got really crazy here. Then I read this.

  4. Lets all play Canadian  Prosecutor!
    Everyone work up your best nefarious meaning for the acronym GOAT.

  5. Grand Order of Anarcho-Terrorists ?

    And moreover, goats are traditionally associated with witchcraft and pagan cults, meaning…

    He’s a witch ! Burn him !

  6. I’m just glad they didn’t find any duck photos cause we all know that if you have a photo of a duck it’s because you weight the same as a duck and therefor your a witch.

    1.  I don’t know, Jennifer Savage, sounds like you must be a savage terrorist.

      As for me, the origin of my username is far more sinister than you could possibly imagine. I did just make it up on the spot years ago, but that’s not important :)

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