HOWTO turn a loved one's head into a laser-cut 3D model with a secret compartment

CarlBass on Instructables (who's also the CEO of Autodesk) created a 3D modelled, laser-cut version of his son's head, designed to have a secret compartment instead of brains.

We made a box in the shape of my son’s head. We laser cut pieces of taskboard (corrugated cardboard works well, too) and laminated them together. The heads pivots on a dowel and is held in place by two magnets... Round magnets have been added on the top and bottom of the head so it snaps close and conceals the secret hiding spot.

Making a cardboard head with a secret hiding spot (Thanks, Karen!)


  1. I have say when I saw the first picture I thought the title of the article was going to be “HOWTO turn a loved ones head into a novelty toilet”

  2. Sometimes I wonder if some of my loved ones already have a secret compartment in their heads.

  3. Thanks, Cory, but I don’t need a 3D printer to turn my loved one’s head into a storage compartment. I already have three.

  4. a secret compartment instead of brains

    So you can cut out a couple of steps if you start with an adolescent.

  5. I turned my loved one’s skull into a cereal bowl, but my method was not quite so technical.

  6. How long until these are sold as funerary urns? ‘Cause that would actually be kinda awesome.

        1. Wow!  I want one of these.  About 30 years ago, my brother got to play a zombie in a certain music video, and kept the life-cast they made of his face (upon which they built the makeup appliances before affixing them to his actual face).  He’s had that life-cast hanging on his wall ever since, and I’ve always been insanely jealous.  I would love to make a bust of myself with that degree of accuracy, and stash it away against the advent of my demise.  Might as well commission my own immortality rather than trust to the hand of an artist after it’s utterly beyond my power to give notes.

          In the Warner Bros studio museum there are about eight dummies of Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith from The Matrix Reloaded, complete with sunglasses and black suit.  If I were Weaving, I’d have taken as many of them home as the production would have allowed.  One in every bathroom, a couple standing sentry by the front door, etc.

          I mean, why the hell not?  As Carlin noted, “let ’em know you’ve been there!”

  7. These must be pretty popular in the zombie culture. Stash your extra braaaaaiiiinnnss in there.

  8. The trick is getting your loved ones to hold still while the laser cutter is doing its work.

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