Introducing the Hollywood Cigarette Finger Ring

The final word in understated sophistication! Comes with instruction manual. (Via Mitch O'Connell)


  1. With hopes that the instruction manual teaches us how to use it without burning our middle knuckle every time we take a drag :)

    1. That’s why I invested in the Virtucon pinky ring model.  Their spokesman is even a Doctor.  He promotes them as “Frickin’ fantastic.” 

  2. Norma Desmond used something like this in Sunset Boulevard. Hers seemed to be made of metal though.

    1. I thought the same thing.
      Here’s a still:

  3. I can’t tell you how many cigarettes I’ve dropped when fatigued. Wish they still made these.

  4. ‘your hand relaxes’ ‘while fatigued’ ‘dropping cigarette’
    Sounds like ‘drunk  on cocktails.’  Just my experience…

  5. This would be good for avoiding lighting a second smoke, when you still have one parked in the ash tray.  Now if they could just keep us from lighting the wrong end. Cough.

  6. I was hoping to see finger cigarettes.  I thought a nice simple solitaire ring might look rather sophisticated on them.  I’m not sure whether you would light the nail or the stump end, though.

  7. Wouldn’t have helped my dad. He used to drop off to sleep in the chair with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. We’d sit there watching the ash getting longer and longer and wondering when [a] the ash would fall off or [b] the whole cigarette would drop off on to his tummy. Oh, happy days.

  8. How about we address the fatigue issue permanently and go with a device that burns tobacco (Or whatever ;-)) …carry it in a fanny pack around the waist & surgically attach the hose leading out of it directly into the esophagus. The fanny pack can come in a variety of colors!

  9. “No more nicotine finger stains.”  Never mind your lips, mouth, teeth, hair, clothes and everything around you, it’s your yellow fingers that matter.

  10. Perfect for smoking in bed, or anywhere you are too tired or inebriated to focus on carrying a burning cig… 

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