Anonymous set of photos labelled "Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone" show torture, cars, puppies, piles of money


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  1. Lemoutan says:

    Nice tea set.  But I have to ask – are those chairs upholstered with his spare skins or something?

    • gspelvin says:

      Between the tea set, the shape of the sofa and the flower picture my first thought was that his grandma was nice for letting him crash there.

    • PinkWithIndignation says:

      I think it’s more of a Garden State camouflage thing. They can’t shoot you if you blend in with the upholstery! 

  2. Saw this on reddit a couple of days ago. I remarked at the time that the rego plates with strings of 8s must have cost that guy quite a it. A Chinese guy I work with suggested about 100k Yuan, or around $20k AUD.

    • V10_Rob says:

       Surely you’re not implying that special privileges are still able to be bought by the elites in socialist/communist/whateverist Workers’ Paradises?

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Despite the word communism in the name of the ruling party, China publicly embraced capitalism quite some time ago.

  3. SedanChair says:

    Oh thaaaaat’s who Vertu phones are for

  4. Bucket says:

    Well, it looks like that ‘interviews with death row inmates’ show is going to be renewed for at least another episode.

  5. johnnypayphone says:


  6. miasm says:

    Man. I think of the time it takes me to scam just one of those blocks of cash… and he has eleven!

  7. Hubris Sonic says:

    In China gangster is Yu!

  8. Gabriel Morgan says:

    Damn It Feels Good to be a Triad?

  9. Pope Ratzo says:

    This is an example of how consumer culture is stronger than any government, any ideology. 

    Dude got it going on.  Anybody want to guess how many young Chinese are going to be patterning their lives after this guy?  Where’s your Cultural Revolution now?

  10. IndexMe says:

    Exiftool says the file was modified only an hou ago? I wonder what phone or camera this was taken by. Looks like the metadata was scrubbed.

    • zarray says:

      I’m rather sure imgur auto-scrubs pics. Also being china the phone is probably a copy of a copy and might not even tag photos.

  11. Guest says:

    I for one love the emperors new clothes.

  12. Wish I had big piles of money…

    I’ve never considered life as a gangster, I suppose it’s a risk/reward thing. I don’t think I’d last long in prison though so id want to be in a proper gang, one that owns the police.

  13. Christ, what an asshole.

  14. Jonathan Roberts says:

    So much money, so little taste… I’d suggest that he’s taking the advice of the guy who was featured a few months ago – use crappy phones to hide your identity – but he could have followed that up by not taking vanity pictures of all that money and cars with a visible licence plate (there’s also the fact that the ‘crappy phone’ costs quite a lot of money if it’s real). It looks like he’s fairly new to the money, apart from the obvious symbols of wealth, a lot of the stuff in the background doesn’t look that different from a normal apartment. You also have to wonder whether someone with real power would be that pleased with himself for having a million yuan. I also doubt that the plates are even real, it’s not like they couldn’t fake something like that and get away with it, at least for a while (the SUV is missing its plates on one of the pictures). 
    My guess is that the Porsche is his, the money is shared and the plates and phone are fakes.

    • Mister44 says:

       Pfft. No reason to not believe they are real. Someone is going to make fake plates that stand out? Why?

      Look around on the web – on face book – you will find thugs posing with their money and cars all the time. Their digs are often shit because they really don’t care. They spend their money on hookers, blow, cars, and guns – not at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  15. Mister44 says:

    Damn, it feels good to be a Chinese gangster.

  16. kmoser says:

    It’s not torture, it’s an “enhanced interrogation technique.” Remember, Chinese gangsters don’t torture.

  17. Lurking_Grue says:

    If you are going to pose like that one might consider going on a diet.

  18. Blaise Pascal says:

     LOL at shoe on head! This guy hang out on 4chan/b? 

  19. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Who’s a sexy beast now?

  20. cdh1971 says:

    Meanwhile in Novgorod…

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