Rude messages left by monks in the margins of medieval manuscripts


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  1. beemoh says:

    That top picture is begging for a certain Skyrim meme.

    • Ashen Victor says:

      -I used to be a merman but them I took an arrow to the… hmps…
      -Let´s say the knee… yeah, that sounds fine… the knee.

  2. stalkingcat says:

    If you like rude creatures doing rude things in margins, I have to recommend the Got Medieval blog. All sorts of rudeness there. How about a monkey recovering from getting buggered by a hedgehog?

  3. Mark Dow says:

    The mouse
    is sticky.

  4. chaopoiesis says:

    More meta from Cory… 

  5. goldenearth says:

    It’s common knowledge that “holy people” are never quite 100% holy – these off-color marginal remarks are quite refreshing. It’s the Yin in the Yang!

  6. Paul Renault says:

    I’ve been collecting Lapham’s Quaterly since it started coming out.  Great writing in there!

  7. Charlie B says:


  8. nnjadvtchka says:

    Small correction: Image on the Edge was originally published in 1992. Sadly, Michael Camille passed away at a young age in 2002.

    If anyone finds the Got Medieval Blog enjoyable, I also recommend the British Library’s blog for manuscripts. They often post fun tidbits about manuscripts, including marginalia.

  9. I used to subscribe to Lapham’s Quarterly.  It is a great publication.  I have since stopped doing so.  The reason I decided not to renew is that (AFAICT) they sold my subscription information to the Republican Party.  A number of months ofter subscribing I started receiving campaign information and donation requests from numerous Republican candidates and groups.  I had no idea how to stop it (I still receive them).  So although I think they are a great read, I have no interest in supporting Lapham’s financially anymore. :(

  10. The more things change…

  11. Michael Mars says:

    Strangely, all of the messages were under 140 characters in length…

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