A map to the past

Io9 has a very cool article about archaeologists using satellite mapping techniques to discover thousands of new sites in the Middle East. These places represent 8,000 years of human habitation and might never have been discovered with old-fashioned "eyes-on-the-ground" archaeology. (Via Dr. Rubidium)


  1. All of that new discovery. 8000 sites! And yet, still no archaeological confirmation of the Old Testament account of history. No palace of David. No first temple.

    It’s almost like there was no historical basis to these! Like they never happened!

    1.  Another hater with an agenda.  Did you even read the source material?  All this article dealt with was methodology, not authentication or refutation of any social or religious theories.

    2. Because there’s absolutely no difference between a site in the middle of the desert and a site in the middle of a city that’s been continuously occupied for millennia.

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