Chelsea Wolfe, folk-doom diva: the Dangerous Minds session

[Video Link at Vimeo]

Boing Boing pal Richard Metzger produced a series of live artist showcases at SXSW 2012. One of the artists who was new to me from these sessions is Chelsea Wolfe. Richard describes her work:

Los Angeles-based Chelsea Wolfe's intense, artful folk dirges bring to mind a slightly morbid young Joni Mitchell had she grown up listening to Black Metal bands instead of the Carter Family (Still, when asked about her influences Wolfe simply replied “Hank Williams”).

Just stunning. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LastFM. Material in the video above is from her 2011 release, Apokalypsis. Can't wait to catch one of her live shows.


    1. I’m quite fond of Jarboe, who I’m pretty sure spends her spare time sitting in trees outside of children’s bedrooms and stealing their dreams.

  1. i am/was completely in the dark about Chelsea Wolfe, as in i’d never heard of her. Now i simply want to lay in the dark and listen to her music and that’s a good thing. i really really liked it. 

  2. Actually neither of those two songs is from “Apokalypsis”; they may be new or may be from her preview album/EP that I haven’t heard yet. They’re both great, though. And they’re a lot folkier than the album, which is electric & with a band, and reminds me at various points of early PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth and the Doors. Highly recommended.

  3. I loved the Swans too.

    Seriously though, why did I learn to play piano instead of guitar?  Was this my first mistake in life? 

  4. I think she’s probably been influenced a lot by Patty Griffin.  Probably more than most of the musicians that name her as a big influence. She named a lot by a lot of big acts. Maybe a few too many to be “cool’ to list now as an influence.

    Here links to a couple of Patty Griffin videos…

    Makin’ Pies

  5. This has soul.  You don’t see true feeling like this on American Idol.  At least, not the kind I can appreciate beyond the bullshit, clenched fist plastic souls I’ve witnessed there.

    This is beautiful.

  6. This is really great, although I’m not sure about the whole metal-ness. I was getting a lot of Katie Jane Garside’s solo work/ Ruby Throat here (the lead singer of Queen Adreena.) Tbh I’m not a fan of the pretensions of metal- you can do a long of the same stuff without having to wear black eyeliner.

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