Cucumbers encumber man


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  1. hypersomniac says:

    I pickled up on what you did there.

  2. corollax says:

    A wild Tangela appears!

  3. Mister44 says:

    They look like giant string beans!

  4. cdh1971 says:

    In Hindi (and I think Urdu) they’re called kakri and are in the same genus as cucumber, taste like a cuke and are considered cukes for culinary purposes, but are not of the same species as a…um…proper cucumber. The wiki article linked below labels them Armenian Cucumbers…
    Would really love to try one of these, perhaps get my paws on some seeds. 

    Also, the wikiP on cucumbers is fascinating, well worth reading.

    • MrBillWest says:

      Burpee has Armenian Cucumber seeds. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (they are the best!!!!) has other rare cucumber seeds too. Not sure if they have this variety.

    • Kutsuwamushi says:

      My family grows these just about every summer. They don’t taste much different than “normal” cucumbers. They have smaller seeds, though, and if you’re making a cucumber salad they’re really pretty because when you slice them they look like stars.

  5. bruce_a14 says:

    I thought at first that these were one of the long varieties of Thai eggplant, shown here along with their smaller version.  I had some of the long green ones in my garden a few years ago, thought the taste better than the common Black Beauty eggplant.  But the larger pic shown past the front-page post shows the ridges, a tell for Armenian cucumbers.

  6. And I who thought I’d been touched by (or at least caught a glimpse of) His Noodly Appendage…

  7. Autonymous Media Daemon says:

    I look forward to the day BB presents us with a fine gentleman-about-the-internet puking on a cuke uke.

  8. MarcVader says:

    Quite a cumbersome mode of transportation.

  9. hazz says:

    Snakes on a peon.

  10. HahTse says:

    All hail the Lord Cthulhu!

  11. Mordicai says:


  12. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    A compelling argument in favor of RPGs whose encumbrance mechanics are based on item weight rather than item volume, methinks.

  13. info says:

    The Walking Spaghetti Monster!!!

  14. Sparrow says:

    Orange you glad I didn’t say “banana?”

  15. bumpngrindcore says:

    Where I come from cucumbers don’t look like that! 

    Other than that, this picture should have the caption “Like a boss.” 

  16. Gtmac says:

    Looks like a Dale Chihuly piece. Cthihuly?

  17. AwesomeRobot says:

    That’s not a man, that’s a pokeman.

  18. Mark Nance says:

    Finally! PROOF of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  19. Oh, I thought it was bitter melon.

  20. joeposts says:

    Hopefully he sells all his veg and walks home unencucumbered.

  21. A wild tangela appeared!

  22. SeferinoDC says:

    Medusa’s afro!

  23. That’s nothing. Tomorrow’s headline reads: Encumbered cucumber man cues Cumberland cook’s umbrage! I’m not sure I can handle the headline that comes after that one.

  24. RJ says:

    Look at the photo of the man one more time. Imagine him walking along, the pile of cucumbers bouncing with each step, all in time with one of those equally bouncy big band tunes they used to play in old cartoons. I don’t know why that photo makes me think of old cartoons, but it does.

  25. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Rasta-cucumber man vibration, POSITIVE! 

  26. Was this the inspiration for the fashion photo that shows up later in the day?

  27. melbojudoka says:

    A cucumbrance?

  28. awjt says:

    Cucumb no one’s making any puns on this thread?

  29. timquinn says:

    This hat would look nice with a cucumberbund.

  30. fabricio1233 says:

    I knew it!
    the aliens are invading earth!



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