eBook Review: Child of Fire


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  1. Thad Boyd says:

    I first heard of these when Connolly guest-blogged for Charlie Stross about a year ago.  I’ve devoured the first two but haven’t picked up the third yet.  At any rate, seconding the recommendation.

  2. Thad Boyd says:

    …and hell’s bells,  apparently I missed the part where the series was canceled due to low sales.  Disappointing; I’m hoping press like this can move more copies (whether ebook or paper) and either get the publisher to reconsider or another one to pick it up.

    • Thankfully Connolly leaves things at a very palatable place with the third and final book. It’s a good stopping point and his self-published fourth Ray Lilly book (which is actually a prequel) does a good job fleshing things out and providing a little more insight. 

      The fact that there’s not going to be any more in the near future shouldn’t turn anyone off from reading them.

      • Thad Boyd says:

         Good to hear, and I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading them in any case; as I say, I quite enjoyed them and will continue to recommend them.

    • Thats sad. I hope the prequel — which I just bought — generates enough interest for him to keep writing the series e-Only if nothing else.

  3. This was my fave series of any type for a long time. I genuinely have tears in my eyes because I heard it got cancelled. We have the three books at least, and I’m envious of those who haven’t read them yet; such pleasure to come. On the other hand, how can crap like the Dresden files prosper and quality urban fantasy pulp like this go down? The Universe is not fair.

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