Matt Ruff discusses his alternate history novel The Mirage


5 Responses to “Matt Ruff discusses his alternate history novel The Mirage

  1. Wisconsin Platt says:

    It was a good read.  I thank you again for the recommendation.

  2. Marc Mielke says:

    It sounds a bit like PKD’s “Man in the High Tower”, one of my favorite stories. I’ll have to get a hold of this. 

  3. HahTse says:

    It was OK. A good, interesting and well written book, but I would go easy on the “the best novel I read in 2012″-style praise.

  4. rndmtim says:

     Yep, when the interviewer mentioned War of the Worlds I was thinking Man in the High Tower. (Also, for another related story see “Ramadan” in the Sandman comic, my favorite issue of that series… absolutely beautiful.)

    Also, may I second the recommendation… it was a great read, both a page turner as well as a slow burn… I’m still thinking about what happens after the end.

  5. Lobster says:

    Ruff is one of my favorite modern storytellers.  Sounds like an interesting read!

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