AT-AT oil painting


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  1. mynameislove says:


  2. Peter Miller says:

    Um… I think that’s a beautiful oil painting with an AT AT walker in it. Turner’s ‘ The Fighting Temeraire’ in fact.

    • teapot says:

      Thanks… I was about to come call shoop shenanigans based on an inspection of the image alone, but I didnt have the proof I needed.

      Clues: Inconsistent pixellation suggestive of a composite and the flame/smoke plume across the front leg. Doesn’t look in-front or behind the AT-AT and a painter would never render it that way. Also the sky is visible through parts of its legs and body which just doesnt make any sense.

  3. Jacob Cecile says:

    Here’s the start to pinning down the source, from They link to what is presumably the orinal mashup creator but their website is dead :/

    “. Went looking again and found a nice crop of stuff celebrating Steampunk instead, including this take-off (by hype) on the Turner painting I’d posted a while ago.
    [Same Image]
    (Surely everyone knows? That’s a Star Wars “AT-AT” vehicle stomping on the Fighting Temeraire.)”

  4. Anonymous says:

     This is definitely a photoshop. Compare:

    And you can tell that this is merely shooped, not a parody painting. It also seems likely that this is the original resolution, given the similarity of the same-res (but quite low-quality) source image here.

  5. Mike Baker says:

    Apparently  from a challenge on b3ta:

  6. njudah says:

    RAD. That is all. Thanks for posting. #seriously

  7. Hubris Sonic says:

    I’d hit it.

  8. antti roppola says:

    @google-2bf409f467022450998f2fe4c60b90b4:disqus  cool, I guessed B3ta as soon as I saw it. :)

  9. So I hear y’all like Temerarire remixes

  10. Narmitaj says:

    Far from being unknown, the original The Fighting Temeraire was in 2005 voted the public’s favourite painting in a British gallery, though I don’t suppose absolutely everyone was consulted.

    The original is largely about the modern world junking the icons of the past, as a noble heroic sailing warship at Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in 1805 is now, in 1838, a ghost of itself and its time and, no longer able to move under its own power, is being taken away by grubby little modern steam tug to be broken up. I don’t know if the AT AT mash is trying to tell a similar story or not… fictional world junking icons of the real world, perhaps.

  11. Chris K says:

    See Also– Mashup Artist James Hance’s take on “The Cloud Giant” by NC Wyeth:

  12. Guest says:

    J M W Rinzler would be highly impressed.

  13. kmuzu says:

     Turner is amazing .. liquid light .. two of my favorite things in one picture .. great .. just great ..

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