AT-AT oil painting

Found on Ffffound, artist unknown, this beautiful oil-painting of an AT-AT Walker.

Quoted from: ataturner600.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x446 pixels) (via Wil Wheaton)


    1. Thanks… I was about to come call shoop shenanigans based on an inspection of the image alone, but I didnt have the proof I needed.

      Clues: Inconsistent pixellation suggestive of a composite and the flame/smoke plume across the front leg. Doesn’t look in-front or behind the AT-AT and a painter would never render it that way. Also the sky is visible through parts of its legs and body which just doesnt make any sense.

  1. Here’s the start to pinning down the source, from They link to what is presumably the orinal mashup creator but their website is dead :/

    “. Went looking again and found a nice crop of stuff celebrating Steampunk instead, including this take-off (by hype) on the Turner painting I’d posted a while ago.
    [Same Image]
    (Surely everyone knows? That’s a Star Wars “AT-AT” vehicle stomping on the Fighting Temeraire.)”

  2. @google-2bf409f467022450998f2fe4c60b90b4:disqus  cool, I guessed B3ta as soon as I saw it. :)

  3. Far from being unknown, the original The Fighting Temeraire was in 2005 voted the public’s favourite painting in a British gallery, though I don’t suppose absolutely everyone was consulted.

    The original is largely about the modern world junking the icons of the past, as a noble heroic sailing warship at Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in 1805 is now, in 1838, a ghost of itself and its time and, no longer able to move under its own power, is being taken away by grubby little modern steam tug to be broken up. I don’t know if the AT AT mash is trying to tell a similar story or not… fictional world junking icons of the real world, perhaps.

    1. though I don’t suppose absolutely everyone was consulted.

      They did come round to consult me but I had to go to the shop for my mum that day.

  4.  Turner is amazing .. liquid light .. two of my favorite things in one picture .. great .. just great ..

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