How Facebook ownership contract was 'forged'


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  1. SamSam says:

    Many of the Purported Emails reflect the wrong time zone. For example, all of the Purported Emails purportedly sent from October 26, 2003 to April 4, 2004 contain the “-0400” time zone stamp that reflects Eastern Daylight Time. However, Eastern Daylight Time was not in effect during this time. There is no place in the Continental United States from which Mr. Ceglia could have sent these Purported Emails with an accurate “-0400” time zone stamp.

    Nice, it takes quite a Sherlock to notice important details like that, and would seem too-neat-by-far in an espionage book. (It just had to be that he was moving email dates from summer months to winter months, and had to be that he was on the far-Eastern edge of the US, so there was nowhere further East to go, or the clue would never have been a clue.)

    I can’t wait for him to describe how he was sending all his emails from the deck of a ship.

  2. koko szanel says:

    whole “its fake” argument hangs on badly configured timezone? hmmm

    • Nadreck says:

      No, it also hangs on about 6 other arguments: which you would have known had you bothered to even read the “Executive Summary” portion of the document.

      The faked timezone data is damning by itself anyway.  These howlers are in the headers of the forged e-mails where each computer that relays the e-mail message onwards put its timestamp.  Are we to believe that both the sending and the receiving computers had their timezone settings hacked to produce exactly the same bad format?  I say “hacked” because there’s no innocent mistake you could make to have your computer use Daylight Savings Time in October.

  3. Nadreck says:

    Nice forensics job.  I like the one about the botched back-dating on the floppy disk:

    1 – There’s a deleted file with a “last modified” date in 2011
    2 – There’s one new file entirely within the space previously occupied by this file.  It has a “last modified” date in 2003.
    3 – The deleted file has size N.  There is much less than N now available on the floppy but no files with modification dates greater than the deleted one.

    So Bozo forgot to backdate the headers on his deleted files while he had his system clock set back to 2003.

  4. BBNinja says:

    My 10 year old could have done a better job.

  5. Mantissa128 says:

    Percival Dunwoody strikes again.

  6. benher says:

    Hooray! Our Orwellian future is over!

  7. Thad Boyd says:

     In the fires of Mount Doom.

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