Annihilator: a multifunction demolition tool

I've been satisfied with the Stanley FuBar demolition tool that Mark reviewed in 2008 (available in safety yellow!), but I am sorely tempted by the Annihilator Wrecking Bar, which sports all the same features as the FuBar, along with a bottle-opener, a board-straightener, a "multi-purpose nail-puller," a demolition axe, and a chisel. Plus, it's called THE ANNIHILATOR. John Scalzi's bought one for his kid to use for zombie-defense training.

Dead On Tools AN14 Annihilator Wrecking Bar, 14-Inch


  1. It’s one hell of a tool (I’ve got one, bought primarily because it looks badass) but there’s something about having it in your hands that it feels much more like a weapon than a tool. When I hold a crowbar I think “Man, I can get into some serious prying and jimmying with this!”  When I hold onto this I think “The damage this would do to a living (or undead) creature is spectacular!”  It kind of creeps me out, like it’s whispering those thoughts to me…

    1.  “I’m your only friend. . .  everyone else is out to get you. . . but we can destroy them. . .  destroy them all. . .  you and me. . . “

    2. “This sword here at my side don’t act the way it should, Keeps calling me its master, but I feel like it’s slave….”

      1.  Good advice to science fiction writers says never to destroy the planet early in your book if you might need it later, or even need it in a sequel.  On the other hand, if you’re careful, you can get away with it.

    1. The “twist-off” type caps simply don’t seal as well, so the finer beers will come in bottles requiring an opener.

      Oh, and to answer you more directly, yes.

      1. I find that twist-off caps twist off the skin on my fingers before they twist themselves off the bottle.

          1. Or, ya know, just put a buffer material between your hand and the cap? A shirt edge works well in a pinch, only starts to wear through with repeated usage in the exact same spot. A napkin, a rag, a thin disc of rubber, whatever works to give you the extra grip and better torque.

    2. Yes, and thank goodness for this tool.  I tried a claw hammer, pliers, several screwdrivers, a crowbar, and the FuBar and was unable to open a single beer bottle.

      1. So basically what you’re saying is this is approximately as useful as a butter knife, table edge, or wall?

        Because that’s all you really need to open a beer bottle if you just know the right technique.

    3.  When I bottle home-brew, the bottle capper doesn’t do twist-offs, so you do need an opener.

    1.  And it would never do that to its owner. Never.. Unless that were the last soul to be devoured. Then all bets are off.

  2. I bought the Dead-On Exhumer EX8 and I was not impressed with it.  The steel is much softer than what I would expect, and the angles don’t seem to work well for certain type of nails.

    For demo work I picked up the standard Stanley WonderBar X21.  Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s fairly long, and is more than strong enough to allow me to apply all of my 200+lbs to it.

    That couple with a basic reciprocating saw and hammer and I can debuild most things around the house.

  3. Dead On makes a whole line of fanciful tools, all suitable for adolescent boys and zombie fetishists.
    Also, at the time of this writing, the 14″ Annihilator costs $35, while a 48″ wrecking bar from Ames or Union Tools runs about $20. That may not be totally fair to compare the two; large wrecking bars/crowbars are meant for much harder jobs than smaller pry bars or multitools. I’m just saying that if you’re worried about personal protection and somehow can’t get a nice, big machete, you’d do better with over a meter of solid, old-fashioned steel than some goofy hammer with a bottle opener on it.

        1. From the standpoint of zombie survival, seriously guys, just get hatchets. Cheap, available anywhere, combine blunt and edged, and even decent for throwing. If you favor two-handed weapons, get a splitting maul instead (although they are harder to find). Or better still, get both.

  4. I have one in the trunk of my car with all of my other tools.  I tried to use it to build a fence section and had to break down and get a framing hammer after the 14th time I smacked my thumb.  It had no trouble dismantling the section of fence I needed to repair though.  And the bottle opener is great!  Because nothing’s safer than drinking and wielding a 3 pound (1.361 kg) tool of destruction, amirite?

    1. The Gerber is lightweight copy Chinese copy of the American made Woodsman’s Pal.  If they are ripping off American patents, there will be blowback from customers, who are already unimpressed.

  5. So you can beat down a house and a zombie without spilling your beer? How very American of you.

  6. Saw this at the big North Island A&P show, and it is awesome.  Splits knotty logs, digs holes through rocks, tree roots, masonry walls, etc. — they were using them after the Christchurch earthquake to get through the rubble.

  7.  I was looking at one of these the other day.  It doesn’t give me a good feeling.  I could see that Y shape vibrating like hell and giving some odd striking.  I’ll stick with my 36″ bostich (which I lovingly call “Steely Moses” for it’s resemblance to a shepherd’s crook) and my faithful estwing hammer.

  8. This will be perfect for my 8 year old daughter. She just started on her halberd skills. Thrust, pull back, slice. Your welcome sweetie….

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