Bacon-themed coffin


7 Responses to “Bacon-themed coffin”

  1. irksome says:

    And it’s lined with CHEESE!

  2. Rob Gehrke says:

    Is this halal / kosher ? On the one hand, it isn’t really made of porc, so…. On the other hand, the imagery is so suggestive…

    On the bright side, the premium Bacon Interior will provide bacon lovers at least several hours of comfort should they be buried alive.

  3. William Nicholls says:

    Wouldn’t a better way to declare your love for bacon be to have your corpse smoked and salt-cured? Mmmmm. Long pig!

  4. E T says:

    some one needs to explain to them what dead means…

  5. BigBeautyBoy says:

    Cremation ready… UltraBook of Death!

  6. I may have to rethink my cremation plan…

  7. niktemadur says:

    I’d like to see Yakov Smirnoff photobombing that casket.

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